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DEV Office Tour v2

Hey DEV Community! Welcome back to our biweekly Office Tour thread, where we celebrate the spaces that inspire you!

Your desk is more than just a surface — it reflects your personality, creativity, and dedication. So, let's share a glimpse of your workspace with the DEV community!

Tell us about the essential tools that join you on your coding adventures. Is your keyboard your trusted companion, marked by countless lines of code? Do you have pens, notebooks, and sticky notes at the ready? Highlight the pieces that power your productivity, like your dual-monitor setup or laptop stand.

We also want to see the personal touches that make your workspace unique! Is there a travel memento, a cherished action figure, or a photo that brings warmth to your day? Share the little details that remind you of what truly matters and create a sense of belonging.

Join the conversation in the comments — engage, provide feedback, and appreciate the variety of desks within our DEV Community. Let us know how your workspace influences your productivity, focus, and well-being. Let's celebrate the spaces that shape our creativity and drive us forward on our coding journeys!

Happy desk touring!

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mihneasim profile image
Mihnea Simian

I started using the trackpad more, but I still can’t quit using my Wacom every now and then, for doodling some scheme, in a random call, explaining some concept.

All white and clean and minimalistic. I keep swapping the ergonomic chair for laying back in the poäng, or simply standing in my feet upright. I find standing mats to be too expensive, but i might ‘go there’ one day.

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soumyadeepdey profile image
Soumyadeep Dey ☑️

So Clean And Looks Cool