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Monthly Challenge #2: Holiday ASCII Art ️ ️☃️

Welcome to Codédex's second Monthly Twitter Challenge! This one is also created by our SWE Intern, @asiqurrahman. 🙌


ASCII art is a computer graphic design technique that piece together a picture using characters defined by the ASCII Standard from 1963.


Using your coding language of choice, create a holiday-themed ASCII art in the terminal. Be as creative as you can. And it has to be original! 🎅🏼🎄☃️❄️


Post your code & screenshot below by Dec 14th for a chance to win a limited edition Codédex sweater mailed to your door by Christmas morning! 🎁

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Sonny Li

. ∧ ∧
(´・ω・) =3
/  ⌒ヽ

Can't wait to see the submissions! 😬

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