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Best PHP Frameworks

PHP is the most utilized back-end programming language as indicated by a study of in excess of 80% of sites use PHP. PHP known as Hypertext Preprocessor is a worker side prearranging language utilized for back-end web improvement. so how about we examine the best PHP Frameworks.

Best PHP Frameworks

PHP has a few frameworks which are utilized to make web applications in a more useful way. However PHP itself can make dynamic web applications its frameworks are simply giving a hand so an engineer could make new web applications all the more effectively.

What are the Frameworks?

Frameworks are characterized as an assortment of libraries (predefined code) and API (Application Program Interfaces) which call your code and play out the assignment. Frameworks are utilized to make code and web Applications.

Best PHP Frameworks

1. Laravel

It is an open-source PHP framework and by far the most popular amongst others. It is developed by Taylor Otwell and released in June 2011. It is based on the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture pattern. Laravel is specially designed to make complex web applications that could also deal with data binding. Laravel provides high security with its authentication feature, so the big enterprises also use it for their official website.

Some big companies using Laravel:

  • Big Drop Inc
  • IndiaNIC
  • CIS
  • Innovify

2. CodeIgniter

It is an amazing PHP web framework with a little document size of under 2MB. Like other PHP frameworks, CodeIgniter is likewise used to make dynamic web applications. Because of its lightweight and bother free establishment measure, it is an optimal framework for a novice. When contrasted with other PHP frameworks is its speed gives it an edge over different frameworks. It additionally gives highlights like security, encryption, simple mistake taking care of, and immaterial PHP variation.

Its efficient incredible documentation assists with shaping an extraordinary local area across the world. At the point when we discussing a web application or site whose primary concern is security, it would not be a smart thought to utilize CodeIgniter there. However it gives security, it's insufficient to serve the interest for significant level security.

3. Symfony

It is a PHP web application framework created by Fabien Potencier and delivered on 22nd October 2005 which makes it one of the most seasoned PHP frameworks. Symfony for the most part utilized for huge ventures and it depends on MVC engineering designs. It has a simple establishment cycle and backing on the greater part of the stages. Most designers pick Symfony over Laravel due to its reusability libraries highlight.

As it is an extremely old framework that assists it with acquiring an exceptionally solid and dynamic local area. However many endeavors pick Symfony as a framework since it is utilized by numerous famous administration frameworks like Drupal, OroCRM, and PHP Bulletin Board (PHPBB).

4. Cake PHP

5. Zend Framework

6. Yii Framework

7. Fuel PHP

8. Phalcon

9. Aura

10. Slim

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