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Crack PHP interview in 2021

PHP interview question - TGB

There are such countless huge organizations in the IT business that are utilizing PHP for their foundation, so you might have a thought that what's the extent of your vocation in PHP for what's to come.

In any case, prior to joining any organization, you should need to confront the interview round and there interviewer will actually look at your applied information about PHP or more in case you are not fresher.

For that, you should be completely ready for the Interview. To help you in that, here we have arranged a rundown of the most oftentimes asked interview inquiries for PHP. View it before your interview.

List of PHP Interview Questions and Answers:

  1. What is PHP?
  2. What is the full form of PHP?
  3. What does PEAR stand for?
  4. Which programming language does PHP resemble?
  5. What are the differences between PHP & JAVA?
  6. What is the command to execute a PHP script from the command line?
  7. Which function is used to encrypt the password in PHP?
  8. Write a Hello World program using the variable?
  9. How to display the output directly to the browser with the use of PHP?
  10. Which operator is used to compare the objects in PHP?
  11. What is the library that is used for pdf in PHP?
  12. Brief of the new features of PHP7?
  13. How to execute a PHP script using the command line?
  14. How to display text using a PHP script?
  15. Give the statements that are used to connect PHP and MySQL.

Looking for more questions with their answers, then click on the above blog.

Discussion (2)

dagr8 profile image

I wish emoyers would stop asking these type of questions, knowing those answers does not make you a good dev. If I was asked those questions in a job interview I would probably not consider their offer. Google is your friend you do not need to memorize stuff you are barely ever goin to use...

cloudytech147 profile image
cloudytech147 Author

Thank you @dagr8 for the reply. I know these questions are not asked by the interviewers, but if a developer knows the basic stuff it would help him/her to know the advance and these questions with are added are for the beginners.

You know the quote right " Be Strong In Your Basics ".

Appreciated for your comment.