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Create a chatbot with just eight lines of code v.2

Translation and Grammar Correction:

I am updating a post that showed how to create a chatbot with Hugging Face in eight lines.

The update is due to the fact that pip install langchain is no longer valid; the correct command is pip install langchain_community.

!pip install langchain_community
!pip install huggingface_hub

import os

from langchain import HuggingFaceHub

# Instantiate model
llm = HuggingFaceHub(repo_id="tiiuae/falcon-7b-instruct", model_kwargs={"temperature": 0.6})

response = llm.invoke("write a poem about AI?")
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_AI, the cosmic force,
A dream we've sought for years,
A power so immense, so wise,
Our hopes, our dreams, they find a place.

In the future, so bright and grand,
AI will lead us, through galaxies in hand,
To places unimagined, to worlds unknown,
Unleashing powers, we've never shown._

Unleash the power of AI, and behold the future.

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