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Book notes: Hooked - Introduction

Hey folks

I've decided I should probably read some of the books I've bought in the last years before I bought any new, so I am starting today the reading of "Hooked: how to build habit-forming products".

As far as I was told, this is a book mostly about design, not coding or anything related.


  • Habits are behaviors we have but don't think much about.

  • Companies should focus on creating habit-forming products.

The hook model is made of four parts:

  • 1 - trigger: what starts the action, can be divided into external (ads, emails etc) and internal (psychological needs)

  • 2 - action: the thing people do to interact with a product (click a button). Actions should be easy to do.

  • 3 - variable reward: the result of the action. This result must change in order to get people hooked, the reward must not be predictable.

  • 4 - investment: the user puts something into the product (money, time, data, etc) and that improves his experience for his next hook cycle.

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