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The Weekly Squeak — Tanmai Gopal of Hasura

Chris Chinchilla
Freelance technical communicator to the stars. Podcaster, video maker, writer of interactive fiction & games. Sometimes I publish posts I have been paid for, but I never endorse products I do not like
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I’m back after a long break!

This issue speak with Tanmai Gopal about Hasura, an open source and hosted platform that brings instant GraphQL APIs to your data.

Also features my weekly round up of geeky news including the best game consoles ever, GPT-3, and more.

Full interview

Video coming next week, for now you can hear the full interview with Tanmai Gopal.

Weekly squeaks

In Memory of Flash: 1996–

We are gathered here today…. Today I write in memory of Adobe Flash (née Macromedia), something that a bunch of people are actually too young to remember. I write this with love, longing, and a palpable sense of relief that it’s all over.

The 25 greatest video game consoles — ranked!

On the threshold of a new console generation with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, here are the industry’s most influential and impactful machines over 50 years of gaming by 25.

OpenAI’s new language generator GPT-3 is shockingly good — and completely

The AI is the largest language model ever created and can generate amazing human-like text on demand but won’t bring us closer to true intelligence. “Playing with GPT-3 feels like seeing the future,” Arram Sabeti, a San Francisco–based developer and artist, tweeted last week.

Automated Coding and the Future of

At Microsoft’s Build conference, Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott talked about an experimental project in which an AI, trained on code in GitHub, actually creates programs: it generates function bodies based on a descriptive comment and a message signature. (Skip to 29:00 of the video.

GPT-3: An AI that’s eerily good at writing almost

I got access the the OpenAI GPT-3 API and I have to say I’m blown away. It’s far more coherent than any AI language system I’ve ever tried. All you have to do is write a prompt and it’ll add text it thinks would plausibly follow.

How London’s Silicon Roundabout dream turned into a

Old Street roundabout resounded with the merry tunes of mariachi songs. It was September 2017 and WeWork was trying to lure clients from rival coworking firm The Office Group with a savvy blend of membership discounts and Mexican music. That was in the before times.

Top 13 GitHub Alternatives in 2020 [Free and Paid]

If you are looking for a reliable yet powerful GitHub alternative, this article unveils the to GitHub alternatives you can find in today’s market.

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