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Charlie Say
Charlie Say

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Oh no! All languages are being erased - you can only save one - what is it?

And before you say “binary” and try to catch me out 👀

I am talking top level languages, so binary and assembly still exist and yes this is trivial I know they do different things....

i'd pick JS for obvious reasons, cause I love it and hate it.

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codecapsules • Edited on

Sincerly, the lot of languages and framework in the industry is clearly my worst nightmare in my dev life.
I have 35 years old and i spent my life ( i start code at 20 ) switching from one to one ( php / ruby / python / html / css / symfony / laravel / django/ rails ......) and never becoming very good ( senior ) in one ..... and all my project are just baby project ...
Syndrome impostor is always in min mind .
Last year i take the big decision to only code with javascript, even if i know is not the best one or the beautiful one. I love it.
Never go back again with this language soup nightmare.

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Aurélien Delogu • Edited on

Hey, you're not the only one! I'm 38, and touched to HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Ruby, Crystal, TypeScript, Vue, Svelte,... I'm searching for a new job and it's complicated. I want to focus on Ruby but I only worked with it for 2 years. I have many more years with over languages but I'm annoyed by PHP and JS. But I really love Ruby (and Crystal even more)! So... Fingers crossed!

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James Vanderpump • Edited on

I think JavaScript is a sound choice even though I would go for TypeScript. I'm 42 and have coded in C#, Java, C, Python, PHP and AS3 (anyone remember that one?) But due the nature of my business (web based) I was able to focus solely on TypeScript for front and backend. I find it such an ergonomic and productive language and there is no context switching between any of my code. I'm not particularly good at it either despite years under my belt. I keep things simple and don't go overboard with design patterns, OOP or generics. I have nothing to prove to anyone but my future self (when coming back to code after months or years have passed). One can be a mediocre developer (I'm sure you are not) and still be very productive and successful, standing on the shoulders of giants.

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Sean Williams

It would be deeply entertaining to watch programmers try to rebuild the world of computing with only Rust, so... Rust.

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Dennis Tobar • Edited on
  • Assembler: without it, we wouldn't talk again with machines (plus, an x86 booklet, just in case). (yeah, I know, you made the exclusion, but it must be said)
  • C, father of the majority of languages
  • Go, it is multiplatform
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Calin Baenen • Edited on

Like C with low-level memory management.
Unlike C it also lets you store metadata in enum variants, it has methods and associated functions (static methods), has automatic "garbage collection", versitile type structures, and many more conveniences.

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Jan Vlnas

Smalltalk 🙃

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Jakub Stibůrek


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Calin Baenen

Ayo! Anoðer Rustacean!

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Perry Hunchak

JS....Seems to do everything nowadays

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Calin Baenen

Not direct memory management with interfaces and static type checking.

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Cristian Magalhães

JS and C. Easy

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Spartaco Amadei

without any doubt I would keep Rust

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Ganesh Prasad

Save C. Build everything else anew.

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PHP, specifically the latest release version 8.1 (at the time of writing). They added some cool stuff.

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Aurélien Delogu

Crystal ❤️

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Goodbye windows