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Charlie Say
Charlie Say

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Are you confident in Web3+ ?

Promising technology, but every attempt so far seems to not gain traction, then you get Jack Dorsey swooping in with Web5.

So do you have confidence in the next generations of web and its adoption?

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Decentralized tech, yes, web3 as it currently is not at all,I think it's crap in the current state. It's just adding excesive complexity and unscalability to stuff that was simple and scalable without adding that much value (currently).

Web3/decentralized apps should not be backed by currencies, this is a big flaw. It should be the other way around currencies should be backed by decentralized systems. While these systems are speculative there's not hope for them in the long term IMHO.

For me the current state of Web3 and so on is just a way for some smart people to get rich, while others pay the price. The funny thing is, they've made it seem like it's best thing ever and that it can solve every single problem, but this is not the case. I really hope people realize this before it's too late, otherwise we will have to stick with legacy crappy unscalable and expensive systems.

They have their place, but they're not there yet.

jfbloom22 profile image
Jonathan Flower

I am a huge believer in web3. I am the most excited about:
1) IPFS - sorta like a decentralized cloudflare plus not being dependent on DNS
2) Nano coin - decentralized currency with instant and fee-less transactions
3) Tezos - the fundamentals and management of this blockchain are incredibly solid

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Volodymyr Yepishev

I don't have confidence in Web3, it adds extra complexity with questionable value, if any.

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Andrew Baisden

Funnily enough, I had a recruiter reach out about a Web3 role. I still think it's a niche, to be honest.

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