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Amazing git additional tool to install: git-interactive-rebase-tool

git rebase --interactive (or git rebase -i) is a great command. The Swiss army knife in git.

Many of us are using it daily,
I will explain how to make its usage easier.

Note: if you're not familiar with it. You can look at the bottom of my article where I give you resources to discover it.

When dealing with git interactive rebase, git opens your $EDITOR by default, so your editor is opened with a text file where you can reorder the line to reorder the commits, replace pick by fixup, squash, drop…. It's convenient, but there is a tool to make things easier.

GitHub logo MitMaro / git-interactive-rebase-tool

Native cross-platform full feature terminal-based sequence editor for git interactive rebase. Packaging status GitHub license Coverage Status

Git Interactive Rebase Tool

Native cross-platform full feature terminal based sequence editor for interactive rebase in Git 1.7.8+.

Git Interactive Rebase Tool

This is the documentation for the development build. For the current stable release, please use the 2.3.x documentation.

Table of Contents



Built and works on Linux, macOS, Windows, and many others.

Set action

Easily set the action to pick, squash, fixup, edit, reword and drop.

Basic operations

Reorder rebase list

Reorder the action list with a single key press.

Reorder items

Multiline modification

Change action and reorder multiple lines at once with visual mode.

Visual mode

Toggle breaks

Toggle breaks

View commit details and diff

View the commit overview, and a full commit diff with a press of a key.

Commit overview

Commit diff

Unicode and Emoji support

Unicode support

Emoji support

Edit exec command

Easily edit the command that is run by an exec command.

exec action command edit

Edit in external editor

It relies on the ability to define a specific editor for git
rebase --interactive

This tool is amazing! It changed my life. Here is what it looks like and allows:

Reorder the commits
reorder commits

Choose the action by pressing a single key
key press actions

There are others features you will discover by reading the documentation.

The maintainers are currently working on a new version, so I recommend you using the last stable version, here is the documentation

about git rebase interactive

If you want to discover git rebase interactive, you can read these posts:

This last post made by @schalkneethling inspired me to talk about this tool that changed my life.

Image credits: Tim Oram (@mitmaro) on GitHub and the git-interactive-rebase-tool maintainer.

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Schalk Neethling

Thank you for sharing this and the shoutout!