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Git commit helper: add emojis to your commits

Following the article wrote by @muzammil-cyber

I would recommend anyone looking for having emojis in their commits to use the following tool made by @carloscuesta

GitHub logo carloscuesta / gitmoji-cli

A gitmoji interactive command line tool for using emojis on commits. πŸ’»


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A gitmoji interactive client for using gitmojis on commit messages.


This project provides an easy solution for using gitmoji from your command line. Gitmoji-cli solves the hassle of searching through the gitmoji list. Includes a bunch of options you can play with! πŸŽ‰



npm i -g gitmoji-cli
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brew install gitmoji
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gitmoji --help
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A gitmoji interactive client for using gitmojis on commit messages.

    $ gitmoji
    --init, -i      Initialize gitmoji as a commit hook
    --remove, -r    Remove a previously initialized commit hook
    --config, -g    Setup gitmoji-cli preferences.
    --commit, -c    Interactively commit using the prompts
    --list, -l      List all the available gitmojis
    --search, -s    Search gitmojis
    --version, -v   Print gitmoji-cli installed version
    --update, -u    Sync emoji list with the repo


You can use the commit functionality in two ways, directly or via a commit-hook.

If you want to integrate gitmoji-cli in your project I…

You can select the right emoji for your commits.

You can also use @folke devmoji

GitHub logo folke / devmoji

πŸ€– πŸš€ ✨ Emojify your conventional commits with Devmoji

✨ Devmoji

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Using Conventional Commits ⭐ as a standard for your commit messages, makes Semantic Versioning πŸ”– as easy as can be, with tools like Conventional Changelog πŸ“„ Standard Version πŸ”– and Semantic Release πŸ“¦πŸš€

Devmoji is a command line tool that adds color 🌈 to conventional commits, using emojis inspired by Gitmoji 😜

Some of the things Devmoji can do:

  • emojify: convert input between diferent emoji formats unicode, shortcode and devmoji. devmoji are easy to remember aliases like: :test:, :refactor:, :docs:, :security instead of hard to remember emoji codes
  • git commit: install a prepare-commit-msg commit hook to ✨ automagically emojify and lints your commit message
  • git log: emojify and colorify the output of git log even for projects not using emojis

What does it look like?

πŸ“¦ Installation

Install with npm…

This one transform your commit message into emoji.

Both can allow you to enforce conventional commits

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Muhammad Muzammil Loya

These repos look cool! I'll check them out.