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#30DaysOfCJS: Let’s Talk About Mentoring

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This is a follow up post for Day 2 of #30DaysOfCJS, learn more about #30DaysOfCJS here

Happy #MentoringMonday! For my Day 2 of #30DaysOfCJS, I would like to share the inspiring talk by Glenn Block. Glenn is a DEI Advocate in addition to being a tech/product leader. He had inspired and helped me get started with how to be a mentor. I hope by resurfacing this talk, more people will be inspired to take on mentor roles and pay it forward.

In this talk, you will also learn about the inspiring story from @taeluralexis , who went from fast food server to a software engineer in 6 months. Tae’lur's story moved many people at the conference, and I hope to see stories like this in the future.

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If you'd like to watch the talk, here is the Youtube link.

Tell us if you want to become a mentor in the comment or tweet at me or Glenn on Twitter.

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