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CascadiaJS 2020 is only 30 days away, I'd like to invite you to counting down to the conference by watching a CascadiaJS talk everyday, and share with the community what you like about it and how it inspire you.

Similar to #100DaysOfCode, here is the rule for #30DaysOfCJS:

  1. Pick a talk that's interesting to you, watch it (most talks are 25 mins each)
  2. Share with the community in the social media of your choice, using #30DaysOfCJS as the hashtag.
  3. Search #30DaysOfCJS and #discuss with CascadiaJS community, what talks do others enjoy? If the talk inspired you to hack something together, please share with the community!

You can pick any talks from our youtube playlists (CascadiaJS 2019 & CascadiaJS 2018), and I hope to see what we can learn from the community through #30DaysOfCJS!

For Day 1, I am picking the WebVR talk from @shannoncantech , Down the Rabbit Hole with WebVR // Shannon Foster // CascadiaJS 2018.
VR/AR/XR are the fields that have been fascinating to me, and I hope you learn new knowledge from this talk!

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