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6 Reasons Why Candidates DON'T Negotiate (video)

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If you've never negotiated a job offer before, you're not alone: most candidates don't negotiate.

It's not because people don't want to. We've all heard stories from colleagues or read articles on the internet in which people say "It's okay to negotiate! It works! You should be negotiating!"

We know it's a good idea, but we still aren't doing it.

I want to start this series by looking at the six main obstacles that hold candidates back from negotiating. By the end of this video, I hope you'll be pumped up to not let those obstacles stop you from negotiating future job offers.

Brought to you by Adam Dangoor and Lusen Mendel, the team behind candidates who kick butt.

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lusen / they / them πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ₯‘


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How is it possible that this post has 6 (now 7) likes? Are there just too many posts on Dev for anyone to see this? Even if you don't care about the post - the title is clicky enough to get people to see what it is / and this video is super personal and high value... ???


Really looking forward to more videos. And this video was like wow, this is so true, could totally imagine when last time I was in the same situation.


Thanks Sahil! The next video is on the way once it finishes transcoding. Let me know what you think of the series as it progress.

That last time were in that situation to negotiate an offer... how'd it go? Any tips or lessons learned that you'd be comfortable sharing?


Last time my situation was happiness phase, because I was really looking forward for the job. So, as soon as job was offered over the call, all I said was "yes", and then asked the recruiter to send me the offer letter.

One thing which I always do now is, understanding the salary breakup and try to get as close to the actual number which will be credited to my account after tax/social security/health insurance/pension etc.