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Top 5 Featured DEV Tag(#python) Posts from the year 2022

The Best VS Code Extensions For Python Developers In 2022.

This is part 1 of the series where I share helpful VS code extensions, settings, shortcuts, tips, and tricks to enhance the productivity level of python developers.

Python is a powerful language used...

10 must-know patterns for writing clean code with Python🐍

Python is one of the most elegant and clean programming languages, yet having a beautiful and clean syntax is not the same as writing clean code.

Developers still need to learn Python best practices...

How I Used Python to Automate a Youtube Channel

When I started coding, the first thing I did to put my new knowledge into practice was to automate a process that was done every day at my job.

I worked with video editing and, at least once a day, I...

Textual: The Definitive Guide - Part 1.

This is part one of my series on demystifying every damn aspect of Textual. In this article, we are going to explore the not-so-popular world of text-based user interfaces and how to create one using...

Free Alternatives to Heroku

Given the recent news about Heroku bringing an end to free dynos and PostgreSQL databases, what other free platforms can I use to host Django (Python) powered web applications for free.

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Shoutout to all the awesome authors featured in this years's Top 5 in 2022: @wiseai , @alexomeyer , @joaomaranhao , @wiseai , and @daveson217 🙌.