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Awesome top 5 Posts from last week tagged(#go)

GitHub issues from top Open Source Golang Repositories that you should contribute to

This article is for contributors who are looking to contribute to cool open source go projects.

We collated a bunch of issues that we thought the community would be interested in contributing to,...

Deployment approaches in Microservices.

Deploying monolith applications usually means running one or more servers of a usually large single chunk of application. The deployment of a monolith might not always be a straightforward process but...

🎉 The Gowebly CLI has grown to v2.0.0


Happy New Year, my DEV friends! 🎊

While everyone was relaxing and thinking about Christmas, I was hard at work in my studio to prepare a massive update for the Gowebly CLI number v2.


Building an Appointment Booking app in Go


In this short guide we'll deploy the foundation for an appointment booking app (similar to Calendly) in Go using Encore.

We'll use an example project to get started, and in just a few minutes...

Tools used by the top 1% of Platform Engineers and their Commercial Open Source Alternatives

In today’s article, we are diving deep into the top tools used by platform engineers and their commercial open source alternatives

The tools that we will be talking about will around:


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Srinivas Kandukuri

Shoutout to all the awesome authors featured this week : @utpalnadiger , @mquanit , @koddr , @marcuskohlberg , and @utpalnadiger 🙌.