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Top 5 Featured DEV Tag(#devops) Posts from the year 2022

From Zero to DevOps Engineer - DevOps Roadmap for YOUR specific background 🔥

As a DevOps professional, sometimes I forget how it is getting into DevOps from the perspective of a beginner. So I wanted to create this article outlining a path I would take, if I was starting from...

9 Docker Extensions Every Developer Must Try

The world of software development is changing faster than ever. The need for faster release cycle times has led to a proliferation of virtualization technologies. Virtual machines (VMs) have been...

The Complete List of Heroku Alternatives to Consider

Why are people looking for Alternatives to Heroku?

Wow. Heroku has had a rough few months.

In May 2022, Heroku users reported receiving a “Heroku security notification” from Salesforce informing...

CI/CD Tutorial For Developers

DevOps continues to grow in popularity among software development teams. It’s not surprising, given the benefitss: a streamlined workflow leads to faster release frequency and deployment cycles,...

Docker: Explained to a 5 year old. 👶🏻

When I was starting out with docker, everything was really difficult for me to figure out. But don't worry. I'm here 😉

Docker is an AMAZING tool that you just can't miss. It's EVERYWHERE!

So here's...

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Srinivas Kandukuri

Shoutout to all the awesome authors featured in this years's Top 5 in 2022: @techworld_with_nana , @pavanbelagatti , @zevir , @pavanbelagatti , and @dhravya 🙌.

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Zevi Reinitz

Thanks for the mention @c4r4x35 !

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Srinivas Kandukuri

Keep doing good work @zevir, thanks for the great article.