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Top five Godot games and source code from Game Off 2022

Game Off is a "game jam" or hackathon of sorts that has been running for a decade now. Participants have a month to create a video game from scratch based on a theme and then rate and review each...

Mastering the Art of Writing Effective GitHub Commit Messages

There are no strict rules for writing commit messages but When working on a project on GitHub, it's important to communicate clearly and concisely about the changes you've made. One way to do this is...

The Only Markdown Cheatsheet You Will Ever Need

You must have found yourself in a situation where you needed to write something using Markdown.

Wait, so what is Markdown anyway? It looks like plain text and kinda feels like HTML, but it’s neither...

5 GitHub Repositories to Prepare for JavaScript Interviews

GitHub is a code hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It allows you to Collaborate on projects from anywhere. Almost Every Developer know about GitHub and would love to spend their...

Enhance your READMEs with native Mermaid diagrams

Many times when we think about how to solve a problem we choose to draw a flowchart or another type of visualization with the aim that everything is clear and that we don't miss anything by the end.

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Srinivas Kandukuri

Shoutout to all the awesome authors featured this week : @leereilly , @ashishxcode , @imluka , @onlydevs_ , and @360macky 🙌.

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Marcelo Arias

Thanks for including my last post @c4r4x35! ❤️