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Top five Godot games and source code from Game Off 2022

Game Off is a "game jam" or hackathon of sorts that has been running for a decade now. Participants have a month to create a video game from scratch based on a theme and then rate and review each other's entries. It's a great experience whether you're building the games, or just playing them 馃槄

Here are five of the highest-rated entries from the latest Game Off that were created with Godot - one of my favorite open source projects on GitHub. They're playable in your browser and downloadable for Windows, macOS, and/or Linux.

Knight In Shining Armour 馃棥

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Footage of Knight in Shining Armour

Left a bit. No, right a bit. That's it. Knight in Shining Armour by @marc-jones is a unique platformer - winning 1st place in the Innovation category - where you'll need to put your shiny coat of armor to good use and reflect on your movement choices.

Fair Squares 馃煢

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Footage of Fair Squares

It's fair to say that the blocky graphics on @kinda-nice's Fair Squares are quite intentional. While you may think it skimped on graphics, it definitely made it for it gameplay - coming in 2nd place in the Gameplay category.

Graveyard Shift 馃

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Footage of Graveyard Shift

There's a graveyard disturbance. You're going to have to put in one hell of a shift to prevent these monsters escaping in this deck-building board game from @cgsdev0 and @cassidygroenendaal. You'll definitely be seeing this on my next spooky game jam game post on on the GitHub blog this Halloween!

Stomper 馃ゾ

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Footage of Stomper

@diego-escalante's Stomper lives up to it's name. Jump through challenging levels and stomp on the baddies. Don't let the 1-bit graphics fool you - this took 6th place in Gameplay category!

The Adventures of the Heroic Fox 馃

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Footage of The Adventures of the Heroic Fox

What does the fox say? Quite a lot it turns out. @krasi070's Adventures of the Heroic Fox was awarded 2nd place in the Graphics category. In addition to the beautiful graphics, the well-written dialog, humor, and fun fighting mechanic make this a delightful experience all round.

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If you've been meaning to check out the Godot game engine these games are great to clone and dive into the code. Or just play them while you're supposed to be working, studying, doing your chores, or waiting for Godot 4.0!

Interested in building your own game with Godot? Dive into the docs to get started.

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Timex Peachtree

Awesome pretty sure Godot 4 is gonna be building blocks to make a great game anyday now.

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Danny Roams

I read about Gogot but didn't know it looked so great. It looks like it's worth exploring more. Thanks