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B4J v8 release

This is a programming language and IDE that I use from time to time.

B4J is a 100% free development tool for desktop, server and IoT solutions. With B4J you can easily create desktop applications (UI), console programs (non-UI) and server solutions. The compiled apps can run on Windows, Mac, Linux and ARM boards (such as Raspberry Pi).

The language is B4X, a BASIC dialect. The code is translated to Java before being compiled by whichever Java SDK you have installed. Being a JVM language, the full power of Java is available for those who need it. If you have a background in Visual BASIC 6 (as I have) you will see some parallels between the two environments.

Anyway, B4J, the free desktop version, has recently been updated. See the full release blurb for details.

Disclaimer: I have no connection to Anywhere Software. I'm just a happy user of their product.

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