8th language release v19.08

bugmagnet profile image Bruce Axtens ・1 min read

Languages I use (3 Part Series)

1) B4J v8 release 2) 8th language release v19.08 3) XSharp, Bandol 2.10 release

While I'm sharing news about programming languages I use, here's another which was released earlier this month.

8th™ is an innovative, secure, cross-platform, robust, and fun
concatenative programming language for mobile, desktop, server, and
embedded application development.

8th is a FORTH. If you're comfortable with using RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) you're well on the way toward being able to do FORTH programming. And if cross-platform is your thing, 8th is well worth a look.

Disclaimer: I have no connection to Aaron High-Tech Ltd. I'm just a happy user of their product.


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