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Bryan Ollendyke
Bryan Ollendyke

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HAX: everything everywhere all at once

All these articles lead up to this: I've just pushed out new releases of all our platforms and we're starting to use Vercel backed microfrontends 🥁🥁🥁, in production.


While I'm excited, I think it's important to walk-through the many implementations of our web components to fully understand how groundbreaking the following combo becomes:

  1. we publish all our web components openly and distribute them via a CDN
  2. Our CDN has a 1-line "magic script" integration
  3. We can begin to supply advanced Microfrontend architecture to any property connected to the web through that script (simple-img in a codepen as example)
  4. All our CDNs just got updated, so all our sites just got access to everything discussed in this series!

Video time

Here's me stepping through the implications of this and how this aligns with HAXTheWeb's vision of changing how the web works in order to maximize empowerment of users on the internet and having a voice to share and be creative free of cost.

Concepts / linkage discussed in the rantcast

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