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Bryan Ollendyke
Bryan Ollendyke

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Building micro frontends with Vercel + Lit

I recently began exploring Vercel for microservice development in a course I was teaching. Like any good professor, it's important to propose a course topic you only sort of know about. I knew web components; how hard could Microfrontend development be?

This series will detail some of the lessons learned in developing a series of microservice + web component projects the last few months. These are beginning to distill down to follow a common pattern:

  • Front end brick that works anywhere (ala web components, lit based)
  • Something to broker and manage the API calls (middleware / class on front end)
  • End point that is blackboxy, returning expected output (Vercel for these examples, though really AWS Lambda)

I hope that by covering the similarities and differences in approaches I've taken to produce a few of these it can help others think through the potential benefits of web components.

Stories about microservices

Here's some links to start poking around:

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