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Adam Davis
Adam Davis

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What do you wish you knew when you worked you first entry-level tech job?

No matter how prepared (or not) you felt for your first job in tech, there’s inevitably some things you wish you had done differently.

If you’re in an entry-level job now or hope to be in one soon, what’s something about the industry you want to know more about?

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Cesar Aguirre

Here are mine:

  • you are not your code
  • there's more than just coding. Think of, meetings, collaborating with others
  • don't try to code everything. Rely on battle-tested solutions
  • have an escape plan. Learn when it's time to move on
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Adam Davis

Here's what I wish I knew:

  • Signing bonuses are really common in tech, and you should probably ask for one if it's not included in your initial offer.
  • Try not to be too emotionally attached to your code. When you work for a company, the code you write there does not belong to you. You should care about the quality of it, but always keep in mind that you’re not writing it for yourself, and it will likely be maintained by someone else.
  • Don't write comments or console logs that you'd be embarrassed for coworkers to read. One day, you'll forget to remove them before submitting your code for review.