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The Pomodoro Technique - Why, What, How - Productivity, Worksheet, Timer, Music

Are You a Procrastinator? IS time is your enemy? Do you always get short of time? Do you race against time to meet deadlines? The Pomodoro Technique to transform your lives.

  • You know you are wasting time, and feel disappointed, because you have lost your day by scrolling social media feeds, emails, YouTube.
  • You have no idea where the time has gone and you have nothing to showcase your work.
  • You are a procrastinator.
  • You did a lot of work and felt accomplished but you didn't complete exactly what is required from that day.
  • You are working but not able to give 100%.

To solve the problems mentioned above, The Pomodoro technique was born and used by Successful People like Steven Sande, Natalie Sisson, Hayden Miyamoto, Tim Ferriss and many more.

Firstly, Find and list down tasks to be done. The following steps given below.

  • Choose a task from the list.
  • Focus for the next 25 mins. Work closely with little or zero distractions and no pause. Pomodoro teaches to manage distractions. List down if any distractions identified in this step.
  • Take a 5 min break. Once 25 minutes ended, relax, clear your mind and come back after 5 mins.

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