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Product Hunt Launch | Re-Imagined Hacker News for this decade

I Re-Imagined Hacker News for this decade and launched today on Product Hunt.

Do share your insights and support the product on Product Hunt by using the link given and make it more wholesome 🙏

Story Time

A couple of months back, while scrolling the Hacker News(HN) feeds, I found that few stories are still running with HTTP 🚨 protocol and asked the question with the community,🧐. But I was not satisfied with the answer. Later I found few users who have tried using HN but couldn't anymore because they are accustomed to all the design rich applications of this decade. Clearly, HN is not for them because hackers love the current minimalistic design. 👨‍💻

Now, two problem statements identified, 💪

  • To Highlight HTTP links, and
  • Design HN in a "202X" way. No one will miss the goodness of HN anymore.

⚡️ Thus, Box Piper Hacker News Incepted ✨. All the stories are beautifully designed, and their comments are elegantly aligned and presented which brings out all the goodness of HN for those who are missing it big time.

⚡️ With the story thumbnails 🌌, the user has extra details along with the heading. This allows users to know exactly what they are going to experience.

⚡️ HTTP links are highlighted. Eg: Better visibility of what you are going to click next 🖱.

⚡️ For instant consumption, a Snapchat like Story mode is created 🔥. The top 10 stories are presented up front and the rest are placed underneath it. It's a time saver for those who are looking for only trending stories.

⚡️ All the pages are mobile optimised and you can add them to your home screen as well.

⚡️ A Twitter bot is created which keeps you updated with the top 10 HN stories daily. Box Piper Hacker News also keeps you updated with all the tech happenings while you are busy. Bot posts all the top contents from, Hashnode, Techcrunch, Medium, CNET, and Hackernoon. If you missed the top 10 ProductHunt launches, you will get directly to your Twitter feeds.






💫 Box Piper Hacker News brings all the goodness of HN, for users who want to consume stories that gratify one's intellectual curiosity, in a fresh new way.

Check out Please invite and share with your friends, family, and colleagues. Share feedback, report an issue, or suggest something new🙏.

Everyone has a right to consume high-quality content 📰 and HN has it. I'm facilitating with this humble attempt. Let's join the bandwagon of the HN fanbase. 🙌

Built using NodeJs, ReactJS, ChakraUI, Firebase, Redis, hosted on Netlify, Serverless api's is on vercel. Netlify also offers Serverless api's, but vercel performance is much better. And app is running on a domain, which is hosted on Netlify. Hence two service provider is used. Do share any suggestions though.

App Link:
Product Hunt Link:
Enjoy HN for this decade.

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