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Tips For Building Long-standing Websites

As tech has evolved, nowadays it's common to not build websites from scratch with usual web stacks like HTML, CSS, and JS. The most popular website builder is WordPress, one of its benefits is that it offers a way to add a custom code in order to get any preferable website look. With that being said, let's see the best way of adding maintainable and unbreakable custom code to your WordPress and why it is very important to the developer who builds the website and to the customer.

The best practice is to avoid adding custom code in the frontend part of the website using widgets. This prevents long debugging hours in case the customer accidentally makes any change in the code in the widget that could break working functionalities.
Therefore it is highly advisable to make custom changes on the backend where programming skills and tools are required. This approach will reduce all those tiny mistakes that could mess up the website.

Moreover, the other technical advantage of using the backend side is the flexibility to add scalable code that works on all wordpress themes regardless of their different behaviors and customization options. On a side note, regarding adding the custom design to your WordPress, I would suggest using CSS frameworks like bootstrap mainly due to some benefits like responsive styles, fewer cross-browser bugs, and customizable.

In conclusion, in order to build a long-standing website, it better to apply all possible options that lower the chances of breaking working functionalities by using the backend side of the website. Certainly, the customer will without risk add content to his website, less maintenance cost will be guaranteed, and a good reputation for the developer will be assured.

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