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How to effectively develop optimized and professional websites

At first, I couldn't believe it when I heard about web development without writing any piece of code. Normally, to build a website you need to have skills in HTML which is used to create web blocks, CSS describes the pages' appearances and Javascript for adding interactivity. Alternatively, I am going to talk about WordPress which is used to achieve the same thing. WordPress is a CMS(Content Management System), It is used to build websites by using already built templates. Now the question is how to get the most out of it? Don't worry I've got you covered...just keep reading.

Once a friend of mine who is a music producer asked me to build in 1 week a website where they can demonstrate services they offer as a music studio. I did research on CMS and ultimately I was able to deliver that attractive website with all information about their studio. Just visit in case you would like your eyes to have fun.

Basically, I built that website with help of already built-in templates, additional custom designs, and installing the plugins, and configured them in a way that matches the expected results. This saved time and worked perfectly. However, last week I learned that using custom code instead of plugins is an effective and optimized technique. For instance, rather than using a plugin, you can customize your WordPress code and create your own popup. This fixes WordPress themes and plugins versions compatibility issues.

In conclusion, although on one hand, WordPress has made building websites much easier due to plugins usage and drag and drop options, on the other hand, it costs optimization and requires extra maintenance. Therefore, one of the best solutions to get maximum benefits is to add custom code that is maintainable and increases website optimization.

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