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Developers secrets

In order to become a competitive and professional developer, there are some most important secrets to always keep in mind. Based on my experience, I am going to share with you the pivot knowledge of how to become a productive developer.

Firstly, time management. How you feel affects your productivity. That is all that you need to know about managing your time as a developer. Let me make this a bit clearer, I have been writing code for more than 2 years so I would genuinely admit that it is almost impossible to implement a certain feature in a very effective way when feeling tired. Self-awareness and time management are daily developer's assignments that help to plan ahead in terms of knowing when you are energetic and take that time to focus on the most urgent tasks that need maximum effort.

I've been using that trick for the last 5 weeks, where I had to wake up earlier in the morning and implement half of the feature I was assigned on the Uplus side and finish the other part later in the evening. During the day I would focus on the task force activities. Mainly, I used this approach because in the morning my mind is fresh and it's easier to concentrate and come up with a convenient implementation plan. As a result, I was able to deliver quality work on both sides.

Effective time management leads to a healthy and productive life as well as less procrastination. The second secret is constantly seeking feedback. Actually, feedback is a gift. Hence, it helps to learn from other's experiences and improve our own way of doing things which saves time and energy.

In short, this week I took mobile app development skills to a new level, thanks to Sam's constructive feedback.

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