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Safety-Critical Software: 15 things every developer should know

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27 min read

How I intend to become a better software developer

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6 min read

How screwed would your employer be if you died suddenly?

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5 min read

Why even the simplest task seems like a struggle?

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Links: Authoring commit messages

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'Just Google It' is not enough - The negative impact of 3 simple words

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Giving That Water Away: On Not Having To Call When You're Addicted To The Shindig

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What would Paulo Coelho say (if he was a programmer?)

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3 min read

Is it Ethical to Work on the Tesla Autopilot Software?

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14 min read

Are you a member of a professional organization related to computing or software development? Why or why not?

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Software security is hopelessly broken

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8 min read

With great power comes great responsibility

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Defining Done As Boolean

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