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Continuous improvement and adaptability

It is really interesting how one's life can change in just 2 weeks, from lifestyle, thinking, and physical capability to a brand new experience. I'm going to share with you how to maintain self-improvement. This my 2nd week attending the task force Bootcamp and a lot in my personal and career life has changed.

In the previous week, I acquired a bunch of new soft and technical skills that changed my viewpoint and helped me to enjoy this 2nd week. This is a recap of what I learned and how I applied them on a daily basis.

By considering adaptability value, I was able to take a decision of not giving up on either my current mobile developer position at Uplus or intern at Awesomity/CoA training. Choosing to go with one of the activities seemed to be the only solution, but I am glad for the aforementioned decision of accepting the challenge of maintaining professionalism in all situations.

I've learned how to be productive by managing time perfectly. On the technical side, the more you practice best practices the easier the coding becomes. Last week's coder wars tasks helped me to always seek simple, efficient, and accurate solutions. This enhances the ability to create easy and reusable lines of code.

Technically this week I was introduced to scalable and maintainable project structure and the best styling practices. Moreover, I acquired knowledge of intercultural communication, the power of non-verbal communication, and how to be truly empathetic by identifying and understanding different gestures and body languages from various cultures.

In conclusion, accepting challenges, eagerness to continuously improve, time management skills, constant practices, and adapting to changes, and never giving up even when it is the best option, upgraded my career standards in both ways within the last 2 weeks.

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