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Hello there everyone!

Brief blurb on my then-to-now: I've been on a programming journey since early high school. I made some 2D and 3D games in engines not meant for game development (Java Swing and Python Tkinter) and feel in love with making things move on a computer screen. Around college I decided I wanted to find a better direction; many podcasts and tutorials later I fell into the lap of front-end web development.

Worked in AngularJS (the first one, not the fancy TypeScript mini-verse) after an internship and started figuring out / struggling with JavaScript. Then I found ReactJS and something about the component based system just clicked with me. After that I started branching out with Hackathons and personal projects, then got a little more serious with organizations on campus at Georgia Tech.

Today I'm tinkering with SvelteJS and loving every minute of it. Happy to join to share my story going forward! 😊


My brother! 😉 Welcome to the community!

Have you ever tried Xenko? I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I enjoy C# and thought it might be fun to experiment with.

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