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Hey there! Welcome to dev.to!
Magician dog waves hello with a wand

`var developer = magician`

Leave a comment below to introduce yourself to the community! ✌️

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment and say hello or ask them a question. 👋

  3. Or answer this question: What's your favorite project you've worked on?

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Hello All,
I am Tresor Kazadi beginner to the world of frontend developer.
I love programming and I am here to learn more and enhance my skills.

Thank again and I hope that my journey here will be just a new adventure and let play it.
"Knowledge is shareable"


Great slogan. Knowledge is shareable and nobody can take out from you.


Thank Ribeiro on my keyboard I can only write your second name lol.

"ã" can be typed with Alt + 0227, if you have a numberpad or numberpad emulator. Welcome to the community!



Welcome to this community. I hope you have a great full conversation ahead.


Hello everyone! I'm excited to join this community. I came here after seeing some developers on Twitter talking about it and hearing an interview on the Learn to Code With Me Podcast talking about this site.

I'm currently working with React and hope to move into Node and/or another back end language soon.

I look forward to some great conversation with you all!


Welcome, Jonathan!

You can learn a lot from the Node docs, especially if you want to build a small webserver for a side project.


Hey Jesse! Thank you for the great tip and I generally like to start with the docs when learning a new piece of technology so this is great news!


Hello there everyone!

Brief blurb on my then-to-now: I've been on a programming journey since early high school. I made some 2D and 3D games in engines not meant for game development (Java Swing and Python Tkinter) and feel in love with making things move on a computer screen. Around college I decided I wanted to find a better direction; many podcasts and tutorials later I fell into the lap of front-end web development.

Worked in AngularJS (the first one, not the fancy TypeScript mini-verse) after an internship and started figuring out / struggling with JavaScript. Then I found ReactJS and something about the component based system just clicked with me. After that I started branching out with Hackathons and personal projects, then got a little more serious with organizations on campus at Georgia Tech.

Today I'm tinkering with SvelteJS and loving every minute of it. Happy to join dev.to to share my story going forward! 😊


My brother! 😉 Welcome to the community!

Have you ever tried Xenko? I haven't gotten around to it yet, but I enjoy C# and thought it might be fun to experiment with.


Hi, I'm Dash. I'm currently on my 65th day of #100daysofcode. I had a small amount of coding experience before #100daysofcode, but I'm definitely much more comfortable now that I'm serious about my daily coding routine.

My main focus right now is front end web dev, but in the past I tried my hand at ruby on rails, swift, and arduino. In the future I'm interested in learning full stack dev, progressive web apps, react native, and machine learning.

I joined because I'm trying to figure out how I can give my time to code newbies who need help one-on-one. While stackoverflow is great, I found it intimidating as a newbie and really was looking for one-on-one interactions. But I was often afraid to ask for help thinking I'd waste others' time or look stupid. I would love to help create more opportunities for people to get and provide help. I want to encourage others' to rid their fears of asking for or offering help.


Hi all,

My name is Prabu. I'm been doing this for a little over a decade. From Haskell/C/Java/php during my university days to JS/C#/{name your FE framework} mostly during my career.

I'm currently working in a team, building and designing web applications end to end. Mostly working in JS/TS, React and C# these days.

I'm still very passionate about this stuff - looking forward to learning lots here!


Hi All,

My name is Andrea. I'm the author of codingwithflutter.com. I created this YouTube channel and Medium blog to help people learning Flutter.

I'm just finding my way around here. But it looks to be an amazing community, and I'm looking forward to connecting with many of you.

My favorite language? Markdown! 😉



Hey all,
I'm Granze an Italian living in Amsterdam passionate about javascript and web standards in general.
I just published my first article, let me know what you think. ;)


Welcome Hernán.
What are your favorites languages?


Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to introduce myself, and say that I'm excited to be a part of DEV, and to take advantage of the learning and networking opportunities here.

I'm a full stack developer, but I've been out of the game for a while. I had been working in Web Analytics for the past few years, mostly just writing JavaScript for marking tag implementations, but my passion has always been web development.

I'm hoping over the next few months, with some intense catching up, I can start a web dev position somewhere, or start my own freelance/company.

Right now I'm diving head first into Laravel and VueJS, and pretty much anything that is frontend related, since that has been my weakest area. I had never really used a CSS framework, so I've decided to start getting familiar with those. I'm also learning SCSS now, which I'm totally loving.



Hello! I've dabbled in HTML, CSS, PHP, and more recently and extensively, I've been having fun with Python and Jupyter.

I'm interested in data science, security, cryptography, and much much more. I'm just a physics student at UCL, exploring potential avenues.


Welcome, Byron!

I've been living the Python/Jupyter life for a few months for a project at work. Have you seen Cookiecutter Data Science?


Oh wow, this is great. Thanks for sharing! I'll try to understand how it's implicated. It's to make it easier to share Jupyter files on GitHub, right?

It’s just an opinionated project structure for doing the work, that’s all. 😊

Thanks for sharing Jesse! It is an awesome layout for Data Science project structure!


My favorite project is... working on dev.to! 🙃 My secret side project is a close second though.


Hello, World!
My name is Joel and I am an Angular developer, converting to the more popular React library!

I have done a lot of development with the Ionic Framework and I want to get better with React so I can show people how to integrate Ionic into React projects!

I would love to connect and work with other react and angular developers to explore where Ionic can take us!



I feel like a broken record saying it again, but I also went from Angular to React. It's been a great journey!



Hey thanks for the reply!
have you worked with Ionic on either?

I never did, though I toyed around with a project for a few days, an opinionated scaffolding built with Angular-CLI's schematics that included ionic and had the structure separated for mobile, web, etc. I can't remember the name.

Oh ok. I was solely using Ionic with angular for a while just because all the native style heavy lifting was taken care of

Its in beta for React now since v4 has switched the Ionic components to be written as web components instead of Angular, so all those features are here/coming soon!


Hiya folks! My name is Andrea and I'm a freelance developer. I like to make stuff in my spare time and atm I'm learning node after working for a long time with rails.

I was sick of medium and all the bloody popups and read about this platform on twitter. You guys have a good one ahead 👋


Hi, all!
I'm a looong, looong time developer, from scientific programmable calculators eras, mid 80s.
Moved from MS and DR DOS, to several Win*s, User/Server space, worke for several *nixes, falled in love with Linux, from pre-1 to present.
Developed on COBOL, Fortran, Basic (I admit that), Bash, Python, Ruby.
Worked at integration, setworking, securing, architecturing, keeping alive almost every platform and app I've found.
Currently al BPM (Oracle, Bizagi, JBpm).
Backend/Frontend, AppServers or standalone apps, x86/Arm/RISC/older 80xxx experiences.
Curious and studying AR/VR, AI and deep learning.
I'm ALWAYS curious about people's experiences, always learning about them.
I felt this is an amazing place for personal and professional experiences sharing.


Hi everybody,

My name is Lior Messinger and I'm the creator of Servo, the smartest conversational AI framework to date (well, at least I think so...). it's open source and very visual - just check it out at github.com/servo-ai/servo-platform (and star it, of course :-))

many thanks!
-- Lior


Hello everyone

Just chiming in to say hi!
Hoping to get involved with an awesome community of awesome developers.

I work as a frontend developer / consultant in Denmark, where I also do my very best to keep our internal FE team up to date on the web platform. (so dev.to is perfect, right?)

Currently getting into more testing and my ever growing passion for web components.
Hoping to write more this year and speak at meetups.

Hoping to learn a lot here!


Hi guys!

I'm an Italian Frontend Developer based in Bologna. I'm obsessed with web performances and User Experience oriented products.

I'm currently working hard on the path to learn Rust because I think it's an incredible language for incredible performances.

Write to me anytime! Cheers!


Hello All,

I am Edward Muller, I'm generally @freeformz everywhere on the internet.

I've worked in pretty much every area of tech: from a PC tech, to a LAN tech (think Novell's Netware or Windows NT over 10 and 100BaseT), to a network engineer, to data cabler (Which I'm terrible at), to a software developer (everything from shareware distributed on 3.5" floppies to open source software), to a software engineer, to a business owner, to a startup employee, to working for large corporations.

Given ~30 years of amateur and professional experience, I have a love/hate relationship with technology. But I got into it because I had itches to scratch and that is what largely keeps me in tech. It's a rather "easy" way to make a living and provide for a family.

When I'm not doing "tech", I can be found playing Overwatch, cooking, helping out with Go Bridge, hanging out with my family, reading a book, riding a motorcycle, or watching a movie/tv.


Hello everyone!
My name is Atul and I'm currently studying as an undergraduate in Computer Science. Besides college I'm trying to finish the freeCodeCamp curriculum on web development. I'm done with the responsive web design part and hope to start learning JavaScript soon.


Hi Atul! Nice to meet you! Welcome to Dev.to! 😁 let me know if you have any questions!


Hello people,
I am Shad and I am a JavaScript Developer working on React Native.
Coding is one of my hobbies which I have turned into my profession.
One of my friend recommended me this community and I am looking to have an amazing learning experience over here.


Hello All,
I am Winnie a beginner in Ruby on Rails. I am here to learn and grow my skills from like-minded individuals. Getting to network with the individuals on this platform is a privilege.

Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this community

def welcome(name):
  print(f'Welcome to the community, {name}!')


Hello All,

I am Tarun Nagpal, By profession I am a Full Stack Developer and having 8 years of experience. In the free time I travel and write blogs while listening to Radio.

I am here to learn new trends in JavaScript/Frontend


Hi! 👋

I'm a dev who wears many hats, but I mostly write in PHP, SQL, and PowerShell. Some of my other hats:

  🧢 Everything Drupal
  🧢 Office 365 administration
  🧢 Identity management
  🧢 Navigating my way through the wide world of OnBase
  🧢 Helping others learn more about the tech they use every day

I'm usually a bit shy in public forums, but this seems like a friendly community, so I hope I can both learn and participate here!


Hi everyone! My name is Aishwarya but you can call me Ash. I'm here to start over and become the front-developer I've always wanted to be but without constantly comparing myself to others. I plan on prioritizing a foundation in basic JavaScript concepts, avoid getting overwhelmed by the plethora of JS frameworks & libraries out there, and documenting my progress.

I can't wait to get started on this adventure! :)


Hi everyone!

I'm a software developer. I'm here because I'm looking to surround myself with as many knowledgeable developers as possible. I'm trying to increase my skill set as I'm looking for new employment. I learned about the dev.to community after listening to an episode of the Software Engineering Daily podcast that featured Ben.

I have about 5 years of software development work experience. However, all of that experience has been with one employer. I primarily work in a somewhat obsolete technology called PowerBuilder which was pretty popular in the 90s (or so I'm told). I'm currently working on taking the next step in my development career because I fear working solely in PowerBuilder is hurting my marketability. I'm currently learning Ruby on Rails. There's a pretty large Ruby on Rails community in my area. I'm really enjoying it so far! It's my first venture into web development in general, so I've got a lot to learn.

Looking forward to participating in this great community!


I am literally just beginning to learn development. I have played with GitHub and WordPress with little success. Obviously my lack of knowledge is the reason ha. Will be starting The Odin Project promptly.
Need help with how to take notes and what software that all beginners need.


Hello Everyone,

My name is Hashim Shafique. I am a beginner also. I have started off with Java/Android. I am trying super charging my programming skills through different sources like online tutorials, books, blogs and sometimes using Udacity Android Nanodegree program. It's been a great learning experience for me. Most of the time I feel like I am banging my head towards a brick wall and sometimes it feels like I am the King of coding.

Importer Syndrome has always been a good friend of mine but I never stop trying. To me learning is very important and I think that's a good part as they say Learning process always goes on!


Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie JavaScript/Angular developer. I have always been passionate about tech, reading and following blogs/podcasts. I find I have a problem staying focused and making that break through.

So I want to change that by actually doing more coding/exploring, writing tests, keeping motivated and connecting with like minded developers.

Hence my first active community membership is here.

I love badminton, anime and converting coffee to code!

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