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Increase PageSpeed In Blogger Website (My Tips)

Are you a website owner, looking forward to improve your page speed in your website If yes, then this article is for you. After reading this one article, you will be able to significantly improve the page speed in your website that will increase the user satisfaction and will also lead to increased search engine rankings.

1) Use Fast Loading Template like Fletro pro Template, Median UI template, Freebify etc...

2) Make a habit of Using a WebP Image Instead of PNG,JPG.

3) Use CloudFlare CDN to increase PageSpeed & Protect your website from Malware & Randsomware attack etc...

4) Reduced Unused JavaScript script code & Unused JavaScript Library.

5) Avoid Image First In Starting of Posts Paste your Image in Between of Posts.

6) Avoid Too many Ads in Website this will increase your bounce rate & also decrease your User experience.

7) Show Less No of Posts in Homepage to help users to know our more posts of website.

8) Use maximum HTML & CSS Languages because HTML & CSS Language Doesn't decrease your PageSpeed.

9) Don't Use Popup In your Website it decrease your Pagespeed Drastically.

10) Don't Use Stylish Custom Fonts in Blogger template. Use Instead of CSS font-family attribute.

This is the 10 Tips to Increase PageSpeed in Blogger Website.

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