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How To Write SEO Title & Description in Website.

This is a complete guide on how to write SEO title and description in website and blog. We all know that search engine is an important place for business and we should use our keywords strategically. So that we can get high rank in google and most of the users can reach our site. Here we will discuss how we can optimize our title and description in such a way it increases conversion rate.

So we are going to tell you in 2 part
1) How to Write SEO Title?
2) How to Write SEO Description?

How to Write SEO Title?

See In SEO Title there are various point that you have to note down when you write Title of your website page or posts.

1) Your title should be not more than 60 to 70 characters long. That's the best advice if you want to write a good title.

2) Your title should be direct and powerful. It should include keywords that will help your content rank higher on search engines.

3) It is important to keep your SEO Title short.

4) In Title you have to write Question based titles like How, Which, What, Whom, Why, When, Where etc... That will increase users curiosity and it will also increase your Title CTR.

5) When you use numbers in your SEO title, like in "5 Reasons," you make it easier for search engines to find what they're looking for.

How to Write SEO Description?

When you are writing the SEO Description, you have to follow some points to increase your CTR.

1) First of all your Description length was in-between 150 to 160 characters.

2) When you write Description of your posts then you have to add main keywords in starting that will tell that your main posts is focusing on these points.

3) If you are writing description then you have to write for users not for search engine because If users understand then it chances to click on it.

4) When writing descriptions, it's important to include your brand name when relevant.

5) Make sure your description will match with your content because if the description will not match with content then it chances to increase bounce rate.

In short, these are the points you should remember if you want to increase your CTR and also rank fastly.

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