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What is Silo Structure in SEO?

In the past few years, many have been promoting this theory that you must have silo structure in order to rank in Google. But do you know what a silo is? What does it mean to have a silo structure?
According to Wikipedia , a "silo" is a tall cylindrical structure for storing bulk materials. In the world of SEO, it's called a silo structure because it's supposed to use "silos" within your website to promote authority and trust. In fact, in his video below, Danny Sullivan even called the word "silos" when he meant "subdomains." The exact definition from Google reads:

What is Silo Structure in SEO?

A silo structure is a way to organize pages on the web so as to channel users from one page within your website to another. In practice, this means organizing the pages on your site according to a user's intent and then arranging your internal linking structure so that a user who navigates through successive pages in a top-down fashion will be led to the relevant destination page without a detour or backtracking.

Important of Silo Structure in SEO

The Silo Structure is the important topic in SEO since Google algorithm is development to follow the Content Structure. Table of contents (TOC) is not be considered in this structure because the content has different level such as H-Content (High-quality content) and L-Content (Low-quality content).

I hope you understand what is Silo structure in website? & Important of Silo Structure.

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