Top 5 Trends in Mobile Test Automation

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Mobile devices and mobile applications are constantly gaining huge progress year by year. The industry has been the largest and there is no doubt that it will continue the same even this year. Thus, to witness the huge demand and progress of mobile applications, it is essential for the testing teams to consider the latest mobile app testing trends in 2020. By doing this, it will become easier for the mobile app market to grow exponentially by updating and getting enhanced to the latest mobile versions.

In the present digital world, mobile devices and mobile applications have become the popular medium for many enterprises to enhance their businesses. This is because through these they are able to reach a number of audiences and help them in many ways. And, to ensure the experience is better than the every before the day, mobile applications are constantly being updated with the latest methodologies and technologies.

In this way, it becomes simpler to compete with the growing market and meet the expectation of the end-users. However, to ensure which trending technology will be effective in improving the mobile app business, it is essential for the teams to be aware of the latest mobile app testing trends in 2020.

What are the 5 latest mobile app testing trends in 2020?

The combination of Agile and DevOps: Among the many trending approaches, Agile and DevOps are two popular approaches that are adopted by many enterprises. With the introduction of these approaches, enterprises are working hand in hand by releasing faster and frequent releases. With the effective benefits they provide for the teams in releasing quality applications, these continue to be at the top of the trends list. With the intro of DevOps and Agile environment in the mobile test automation platform, the teams can effectively deploy applications at a shorter time with quality.

Shorter Delivery Cycles: This is one of the major needs for almost every enterprise to compete with the growing market standards. By upgrading to the latest technologies, the development teams get the most benefit to reduce the delivery cycles. However, to ensure this, it is very important to have the right choice of mobile app testing tools and test management.

Security Testing: Mobile applications are even having the threat of facing vulnerabilities from hackers. Since mobile apps have become the most common and successful approach for businesses, the risks and threats for security from online hackers are exponentially getting increased. And, to make this achieved, it is essential to perform mobile app testing by choosing the appropriate mobile app testing tool. In this way, it will become easier to deliver mobile apps that are assured with quality and secured from vulnerabilities. This way teams can explicitly increase their demand and enhance their Return on Investment (ROI).

Cloud-based App testing: By adapting to cloud-based app testing services, enterprises can effectively reduce their investment in additional devices or hardware requirements. By being relied on cloud-based services, there will be an effective test environment created, where the systems can work with other real-time devices on the network. Also, this is a very good approach for enterprises to lower down their costs.

Use of AI and ML: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the two latest technologies that are seeking huge importance in testing. By embracing AI and ML technologies, teams can definitely improve the efficiency of testing. These technologies will ultimately benefit the QA teams in completing their tasks, help in identifying the defects, reduce the burden of repetitive tasks, and helps the teams for performing other test activities such as exploratory testing, etc.


The demand for mobile applications is growing effectively for years. Also, it is expected that this industry will seek even more important in the growing years. And, to ensure that the mobile apps remain on the top by meeting every need, it is essential to update them regularly based on the requirements. And, to make this achieved, enterprises should know the latest mobile app testing trends that can exponentially help in their establishment. Leverage mobile app testing services from leading QA testing service providers for achieving secured and quality applications.

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