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Benefits of using JMeter for Performance Testing

A wide range of performance testing capabilities is offered by Apache JMeter, which is an open-source testing tool. It is a Java-based desktop application through which testing of client-server applications like web services, websites, FTP servers, databases are carried out. Upon that, there are no licensing costs involved. TCP servers, Shell scripts, LDAP servers, FTP servers and Database servers are some of the common types of applications that can be tested using JMeter.

In this article, you will get to know the benefits of using JMeter for performance testing.

What is Apache JMeter?

It is an open-source software used to measure performance and load test functional behavior. It is a pure Java application that was designed originally to test Web applications and eventually expanded to other test functions. The performance can be tested on static and dynamic resources. JMeter can be used to simulate a network, group of servers, a server or object to test its strength so that the overall performance can be analyzed under different load types.

JMeter can easily execute load testing, functional testing and performance testing. Performance testing is conducted on different types of applications such as shell scripts, databases, LDAP, web services and web applications. JMeter supports other non-functional tests such as Distributed testing, Web service testing and Stress testing.

What is Performance testing?

It is a testing method that makes sure that a specific software product or application works fine under an expected workload. The application’s performance is ascertained in terms of stability, reactivity and sensibility under a particular workload. The software product or application’s capability and quality are analyzed through this testing process. The amount of load a software product can handle and also whether the software product is able to respond rapidly is ascertained.

The objective of performance testing includes evaluating command response times, workload efficiency, memory utilization, maximum concurrent users, network bandwidth usage, data transfer velocity, processing speed and application output. The performance bottlenecks in the software application are identified and eliminated. It is also known as “Perf Testing.”

Following are the five benefits of using JMeter for performance testing:

1. Valuable community support: As JMeter is open-source software, it will be a wise move to reach out to the community to get help on test initiatives. The implementation process can also be understood through a large number of tutorials that are available online. There are many plugins available free of cost and thus these plugins can be used to speed up the process of script analysis and creation.

2. Server compatibility: JMeter can handle load and performance testing for different products, regardless of the protocol or server being used. It can be NoSQL (MongoDB), JMS, LDAP, FTP, database, HTTP or HTTPS web services.

3. A well-defined and structured architecture: Those who use JMeter are quite familiar when it comes to creating plugins around JMeter. All the specific capabilities are offered that are in line with working on reporting goals, especially server resource monitoring and other key features. If the plugins need to be written by the user, then it is considered to be quite convenient.

4. The value of customizations: if additional capabilities of JMeter need to be harnessed by the developer, then the platform of open-source can be used to customize its source code and thus create based on the specific requirements.

5. The benefit of record and Playback: Through drag and drop, Users can use JMeter to take the advantage of record and playback feature, so that test scripts can be created by users more quickly while eradicating any latencies.

Conclusion: If you are looking forward to implementing performance testing using JMeter for your specific project, then do get connected with a well-established software testing services company that will provide you with a methodical testing strategy that is in line with your project specific requirements.

About the author: I am a technical content writer focused on writing technology specific articles. I strive to provide well-researched information on the leading market savvy technologies.

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