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Community Building: Where To Start

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As I have been learning about community there is one thing that is at the foundation of building a community.

A Common Interest. A Gathering Point

This may seem super obvious but it is impossible to build a community if you, the community builder do not know what you are gathering people to, helping them with, providing resources for, etc.

This is why the best community builders and leaders are those who have used the product, believe in the mission and vision of the product, and want to tell others about it.

Some Common Sticking Points

Often times you will get an early adopter that will want to spread the word. You may even get someone who just wants to support you and spread the word that way. However, unless the person knows the product, uses it, and is learning how to use it better, you will have a very hard time with this person building your community.

If you want a community builder, they are more than promotional. They can do that but to build community they need to help others use the service or product. They need to be able to answer questions.

In my opinion, you need someone who actively uses your product and wants to promote it. This is very much like a Developer Relations, Marketer, Salesman, Developer Advocate, and Developer Experience all wrapped up into a job with a fun name, Community Builder.

So start with people who are excited about and like talking about what you are doing. Then see if they want to help others learn. The teaching and building apps with your product and what you are offering will bring out their natural marketer and promotional spirit as well.

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