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Remix Run: Making React Simple

Photo by Daniel Eliashevskyi on Unsplash

As I mentioned yesterday, one of the hard parts about learning to code is that as you are learning it seems you have to learn more and more complex things. Now, this is not inherently a bad thing. The more specialized at something the more you are the go to person for that thing. That means you can move up in your career quicker.

But many start their journey learning to code by being overwhelmed with the amount of complexity that gets added over time.

So React is awesome. It solves a bunch of UI problems but there are so many things about React that make it difficult to use. Common things are how to manage state as well as using useEffect hooks.

So it is not that React is not good. It is very good. It is just that it becomes a lot to manage really quick. I would consider myself a React developer.

Enter Remix

One of the things that I noticed really quickly was that although Remix is a Web Framework that sits on top of React, the amount of traditional React that you have to use is very little. I am still learning what all Remix does for me as a React developer but I know that I can save the useState, useEffect, and useRef’s for instances in which they are really needed.

Also, because of server side rendering, Remix doesn’t need anything convoluted like Redux. I tried once with Redux and immediately quit because the amount of complexity that needed to be injected into my app was ridiculous.

Learning React

I do think that it is worth still learning React the traditional way because the more complex the app gets the more you will need things that React offers. Much like with Svelte you don’t really have to use Svelte stores to start but once things get more and more complex, taking advantage of those features makes more sense.

So I still think there is some need to learn React the traditional way. I do think however, that it can be less time spent on learning the ins and outs of React and the learner can jump to Remix and start to learn that framework.

As for getting a job, knowing React is still more important than knowing Remix. But!, I truly believe that Remix will have a very significant impact on the developer community, predominantly within the freelance and startup communities first and once larger companies that are migrating to React they will be able to incrementally adopt Remix.

I look forward to diving deep into Remix over the next few months. It was just Open Sourced and launch V1 on Monday, November 22nd.

My hope in looking into Svelte and SvelteKit as well as React and Remix is that there would be two really good paths for those changing careers and looking for their first Junior Developer role.

Svelte & SvelteKit along with React and Remix will teach best practices from a Web Development standpoint. There is a lot available too and for both of these.

I look forward to using along with these to teach software architecture alongside web standards.

Such an exciting time in web development. 🎉🚀✨

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