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Developing Developers

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I had very inspiring call today.

Over the past month and a half I have been helping do some community management for One of the things that I naturally fall into is that I want to do things right. I don’t mean this in the simple way of I want to ‘do the right thing’. I mean this in that I want to do what the person wants me to do so that I know I am doing the right thing by them.

In my experience, it is very rare that someone can actually help me get through that desire because often times people revert to giving me tasks. I don’t really care about task management. I care about providing value through possibility and enabling others to succeed. Some people provide value by being task oriented and that is great. Nothing would get done if they did not exist.

But today in my call I was given mission.

At hyper we are ultimately concerned with building better developers. hyper is a secondary thought.

Why do I like this so much? For many reasons but primarily I see the heart of an educator. I see the heart of a helper. I see the heart of a guide. When promotion of a product is paramount, the product is more important than the community. But when there is a vision that drives the product, the product and team are humble enough to say that we care more about developing the people (in this case, developing developers) that the product, while we would like for it to be used, is not as important as the mission of building better developers.

That is so freaking inspiring to me. Because I want to help other get to where they are going. I have said that before. But when ‘getting them to where they are going’ has to look a certain way, that does not indicate guiding to me. That says, to me and in my opinion, that for you to truly be great you have to use this thing.

And we know that is not the case. So we are developing developers. We hope you use hyper. But we hope and long more than that for you to level up and truly be a great developer.

Here’s too leveling up. It is a journey we are all on together. If you are interested in joining the hyper community, you can go here.

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