Workspace Wednesday: Show me pics of your at-home setup

Ben Halpern on May 27, 2020

It's that time of the week again

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Desk setup

Slick LG 4K monitor
✅ Desk + lamp in my parent's house that's way too fancy for me to own
✅ Daily todo journal that I barely follow
✅ The all-important DEV sticker ✨
✅ J City playlist I've been living on for months (which you can find here!)


I have started understanding ergonomics and this is my setup to meet this. I am so much productive after making changes like putting laptop at a specific height and external mouse and keyboard.

Lenovox1 carbon 3rd edition
Logitech mouse and keyboard
JBL headphones with MIC

Windows 10 Professional
Visual Studio and Visual studio code
SQL Server


how big is monitor? 23-24" or 27-28"? Do you find icon, menus, etc.. too small because of 4k? Do you know what panels your monitor has TN or IPS? How satisfied are you with colors?


Oh yeah, forgot to give the size! It's a 27" IPS panel (matte finish) with USB-C support. The brightness and colors are amazing in my opinion, but I've seen a couple complaints that it differs from a MacBook's glossy display. I'll definitely take no glare over a little inconsistency though.

Here's the amazon listing: amazon.com/LG-27UD88-W-LED-Lit-Mon...

Bought this a couple years ago though, and it looks like they came out with a newer, cheaper model: amazon.com/LG-27UK850-W-Monitor-Co...


Few opinions on your setup, if I may:

  • putting your laptop aside and just using that gorgeous monitor should be much better for productivity (and for mastering alt+tab)
  • investing in a mechanical keyboard should improve your typing and experience a dozen times
  • you might need a little more room on the table, for your hands.
  • the lamp is pretty cool 😍

Some fair points! I personally prefer slotting my laptop below the monitor so I can have a semi-dual monitor setup. Putting it to the side is a possibility... But it might be too out of the way to be useful as a secondary monitor. Happy to experiment tho once I invest in a keyboard and mouse (or magic trackpad)!


I agree with space for resting the arms, and I think 2 screens better than one always, Ben only need a laptop support and set both screens at the same distance. Then the arms rest space will appear.

I'm not agree with mechanical keyboard, this has nothing to do on typing skills, and you'll cause much more noise without a reason. If you gonna play some FPS it's OK if you are this kind of people that really think you will perceive 4ms less on response time but for work?
Gimme that soft low-profile keys please! You can go for a Logitech G815 or G915 which lets you type faster with a short press per key, it will make you feel less tired after coding for hours.
Some like Macbook or Huawei laptops, which also come with built-in soft low-profile keyboards, but having it on an external keyboard improves the experience by hundred.


I respect the monitor dedicated to Blank Banshee


Ayyyyy someone got the reference! Mega’s my favorite vaporwave album hands down. So much clever sound panning and production 🙏

Insert some joke about "My Machine" here 😘



  • Macbook Pro 2019
  • Twelve South BookArc
  • Anne Pro 2 keyboard with chocolate keycaps and custom wooden shell.
  • Logitech G900
  • LG 34" 5k monitor (34wk95u)
  • Blue Yeti Microphone, Compass arm, Radius shock mount, and a no-brand pop filter.
  • Random ceramic coffee mug
  • VaultBoy wobble head
  • Divoom Timebox Evo
  • SteelSeries XXL Mousepad

and last, but not least, a box of Swedish snus! 💪🏼


The chocolate key caps and wood shell look killer on that anne pro!


Thanks! Took ages to get all the parts. Now, all I'm missing is the components to build the custom cable:



Your screen is really clear and same for contents ! 👏☕


I dont think I have anything secret on there, just a bunch of reddit tabs, so no worries! 😅

But your theme. This is natif on IOS?

No, it's something I've put together myself; it's a combination of:


and possibly more that I've not yet bothered pushing to github. 🤓
Unfortunately, I haven't gotten around to styling chrome and slack yet.

Oh nice colors! I'm thinking of testing Spicetify. Thanks!

Thanks! Here's a clearer picture of the desktop and theming.



Nice playlist! lol
gonna copy that, just letting you know.


Where do you find keycaps for that keyboard?


Wherever they sell cherry mx compatible keycaps. I personally prefer doubleshot pbt keycaps.
Some suggestions:


Thanks! I am wanting to get a mechanical keyboard.


My Workspace Setup

It's a mixed setup of home and office hardware atm, thats why there is the cable mess, but I'm still happy with that :)

  • 3 EIZO monitors
  • Small 'Cooler Master' keyboard
  • Dell mouse
  • RØDE mic
  • Software: VS Code + Teamspeak to speak with my colleagues and Web Radio for cool music
  • The most important thing: COFFEE :D

The monitors are amazing. I imagine you work a lot with design and colors?


I wish I could say yes, but actually I just like to have a lot of space and not always have to change the foreground program. ;D


What is your choice/opinion about following:

  • size 23-24" vs 27-28" for programming?
  • 4k vs HD?
  • TN vs IPS panels?

I am either doing this 100% wrong or 100% right

Alt text of image


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A little crowded but productive.

  • 2 Samsung 27" Curved LEDs
  • ShuttlePro v2 Video editing
  • Rode NT1-USB for Meetings
  • Rode Podcaster + Focusrite Scarlet for production stuff
  • Logitech 922 HD Pro Webcam, Kiyo Razer Webcam
  • Digital Storm Lumos workstation. I9-9920k/64 gig Ram
  • NES controller for the important stuff.

I also plug a Macbook Pro into everything for work. Have an I7/32gig PC under the desk that only runs Virtual Machines.

In my recording room I have a 2012 Mac Mini plugged into an RE20 w/DBX286s, Cloudlifter etc specifically for recording audio on my courses and podcast.


Samsungs are 4k or HD? TN vs IPS panels?


like dark and color backlight


32, and regret now, 4K is must😭

Good to know.. I fear icons etc might be too small with 4k...

You always can adjust the resolution to match the size. Non 4K is terrible for coding, especially if you are using retina mbp



I used to have my telework stuff on the dining room table but it looks like we're in this for the long run (months, and when the office reopens they'll have a fraction of the staff on site), so I spent a few hours Saturday making room in the small bedroom (which has no bed). Telework setup is on the left:

  • 2x 24" monitors
  • 1 laptop (left) for Microsoft Teams and a few other things (work bandwidth is limited, so while they're working on increasing capacity they ask that we do not use the work network for online meetings, training/tutorial videos, etc.)
  • 1 laptop (right - lid closed) - that's the laptop from work and the only thing that's theirs (plus the phone, I guess).
  • Kinesis Freestyle keyboard
  • Evoluent VerticalMouse 4

On the right is my personal computer setup. 2011 27" iMac with two 27" Thunderbolt monitors. Lower-right corner there's a turntable, because heavy metal. :) I find it's a good way to ensure I get up and move relatively frequently, having to change sides or records.



Oh, it's Thursday in 🇯🇵 now. 😆

This is my workspace in my home🤗
MacBook 12" is easy to carry, but I think it's not enough to write code of server-side. 🧐


abhnv workspace

  • BenQ 27" QHD monitor
  • Lenovo Y50-70 (HDD swapped with SSD and 16GB RAM added) docked below the desk
  • Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate mechanical keyboard + Logitech M331 silent mouse
  • Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch for notes and mockups
  • Creative 2.1 speakers + Apple Earpods hidden below the keyboard. (I don't like headphones so I take calls using speakers and Earpods' mic)
  • LG 50" TV for projecting
  • Nebula and Deadpool

why QHD? is 4k too much? I mean too small icons, text, etc?


alt text

Left one is the work machine (the macbook pro behind the screen), right one is the game machine. So basically I scroll to the right at 6:00 PM ;)


I don't have anything I don't need here.



Love the Little Dot Mk3! Have you swapped the tubes yet?


Thanks! No, those are stock tubes.

I aspire to buy WA7 Fireflies and sell the LittleDot. I listened to WA7 with Audeze LCD-3 and MX-4 and was blown away.

Yeah, the WA7 is nice! I run Fostex TH-00X Purplehearts on Mullard tubes and I really enjoy my setup, although one of my tubes has developed some interference.


Why do all AirBnBs have round tables?!
Round table with laptop in front of a window


Here is my split setup - Mac on the left, Linux in the middle, work Windows laptop apart from the others on the right.
My setup



  • LG 27" 4K IPS
  • Samsung 27" 2K curved VA (clockwise rotated)
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Logitech G915
  • Mad Catz RAT 6+
  • Mars Gaming MMPRGB2 XXL pad
  • Corsair Void Elite wireless headset
  • Logitech Z200 speakers
  • A pair of xbox one controllers
  • ThunderX3 Yama 1 ergonomic chair (that I love so much)

Desktop with:

  • NZXT H510
  • Ryzen 3600X liquid cooled
  • Corsair 32Gb RAM (4x8Gb) DDR4 3000MHz with Corsair Airflow
  • Asus prime x570 mobo
  • Radeon Vega 64
  • SSD M.2 samsung 970 Evo + Sandisk Sata SSD 1Tb


For work:

  • Elementary OS
  • Jetbrains IDEs
  • Git Kraken
  • Tones of tools depending on the project.

For leisure:

  • Windows 10
  • Steam, Origin, Uplay, RobotCache, GoG, Battle.net and so...
  • Discord, TeamSpeak
  • AMD Drivers
  • Netflix
  • Spotify

I had 4 screens but my GF broke her laptop so I had to set up a desktop for her to work well hahaha

The screens I left to her are: LG IPS 25" Ultra-wide 2560x1080 and a 27" fullHD AOC 1080p TN.

The laptop on this pic is mine which I use for emergencies only (work away from home or from the sofa because I'm tired) and it's a cheap 14" Huawei with Ryzen 2500U, 8Gb RAM and 256Gb SSD M.2, simply does its job, nothing special. Also with Elementary OS and Windows 10.

And this is my working desktop with Elementary OS (well, now with 2 screens less...)


working from bed here, an hp ProBook , an intel i3 6th, and 8 gb ram :(

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