Say something nice about another DEV member

Ben Halpern on October 30, 2018

You've probably learned something or benefited from someone's contributions to the community.

Here's a thread where you can say something nice about them.

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@aspittel is super welcoming, knowledgeable, and informative! Her posts are inspiring, and when she shows up in a discussion I'm watching, I know that she's always a positive value add 🤗


Aww, thank you so much! 🤗Your posts are awesome too!


Aw, you beat me to complementing @aspittel ! She's one of the first people that came to mind!


Definitely agree! Many of us have benefitted from her welcoming attitude!


beating me to it as well! Love her contributions and working on Learn Code From Us, she's amazing!


Aww thank you! So excited to have you working on it!


Seconded! She's why I joined dev.to in the first place 😁


Every time @kaydacode shows up in a thread, it's with something helpful or fun to say. She seems like a brilliant iOS developer, but mostly demonstrates great care for the wellbeing of other software developers.


@rhymes for being generally encouraging and awesome.

@lpasqualis for the missing articles on humane management. I found them inspiring.

@jaymeedwards for great stories and practical Agile advice. And basically recognizing the humanity of each situation.

@dmfay for interesting, intelligent, and pragmatic perspectives and explanations. And lots of art references, most of which I don't get sadly.

@barryosull for conversing with me about event sourcing and posting awesome articles about it.

@yelluw for suggesting that I post my first article to this site. And writing uplifting articles about tech blogging.

@skinney for being able to discuss something controversial while still keeping it civil. I have so much respect for that.

@andy because he seems like one of those awesome people who mostly stays behind-the-scenes, but keeps everything running.

@vaidehijoshi for the base CS series with great explanations of data structures. Had to be a lot of work to bring understanding to these complicated concepts.

So many more that don't immediately come to mind.


@andy because he seems like one of those awesome people who mostly stays behind-the-scenes, but keeps everything running.

This is incredibly insightful. @andy , you are amazing.


Oh man, I got a shout-out. 🙈 Appreciate it @kspeakman and @peter !

Honestly, I think as a team we all do a great job making sure everything runs smoothly, and it's a joy to work with you all.

cc @jess @ben @maestromac @liana 🤜


Thank you!

I have been on many kinds of discussion groups/forums over the years. Being jaded by those experiences, I was hesitant to try this one. I am glad you convinced me.

I feel we share similar experiences. In the end, it's not about the platform. It's about the people. Find the people, and stick to them.


Thank you Kasey, what an endorsement!

I think you nailed pretty much all the others you cited.


@kspeakman Thank you so much for the mention, I really appreciate it. :)


I love this thread idea!

@rhymes leaves the best, most positive comments and is so active in making this community awesome.

@maxwell_dev has an incredible writing style and makes everything he writes so accessible.


Aww thank you! Your posts are similarly accessible and enjoyable to read :)


@brendazam is Wonder Woman in her new career, a great role model for any budding developer because she asks great questions that encourage discussion. She's extremely coachable, which is a quality most of us struggle with, and her positive attitude is contagious! There are so many inspiring #beginners stories here, and hers is one of my favorites.


Tears of joy! Thanks a lot Jesse! It's an honor that you think that about me and I think one of the most important parts it's that the community of Dev.to is amazing, there's always someone ready to help you. I'm extremely shy sometimes, more when I have to talk or write in English, but even with all the grammatical errors you all give me your support, I'm very thankful for that.

Please, consider me a friend and if I can help in any way, be sure that I'll do it.

I also love the @vickylai posts, she always brings something new to the community of great value.


I agree with Brenda here. I have really enjoyed your posts about different perspectives on the issues facing our community.

Edit Oh yeah, and I also loved your article describing the bot to remove your Twitter comments after a period of time. The sentiment of that article resonated with me.


I really appreciate any time I see @mortoray in a comments thread. He's got some amazing insight and perspectives that regularly challenge how I think about things.

I also deeply appreciate @tux0r . Not only does he often contribute his years of experience with his signature wit, but he's always good for some friendly banter about old school vs. new school coding.

Also, can't forget @ben , for helping me plug into this EPIC community in the first place (and for his co-founding it)!


That reminds me, I should probably write an article again soon. ;)


@nickytonline has been awesome helping us with front end stuff. He has awesome discussion posts and has been really helpful in code reviews. I've learned a lot from him :)

@dmfay for sparking my database/SQL interest again! Also for having a perspective on things that always make me pause and think, like her discussion post: "What's your atomic bomb?"

Also @davidk01 is a cool wolf with great thoughts and writing.


Thanks for the kind words @andy . It's fun helping build the community through posts and code and it always feels good to provide encouragement to others in the community. Also a shout out to @aspittel . Great articles, but honestly the offline page is so much fun. Sometimes I just turn off the Internet taps so I can doodle. 😜


Ahh thank you so much!! It was so much fun to make!


No ordering

@theoutlander , thanks for your posts / comments... I recently don't wanna read a tutorial about X or Y. Instead, I love reading your posts/comments, full of pure personal-experience(s).

@nickjj , thank you for the superior articles, especially about microservices.

@helenanders26 , I always learn something new about SQL when I read your articles... thank you!

@markoa , I never got what the correct CD/CI is like until I read your articles... thanks!

@ben , hey man, you've got a super creative mind when writing every comment 😄... thanks for every single second you spend cultivating the community!

At last, thanks to every single person in this awesome community ❤


Thanks, @0xrumple ! I'm glad those were useful. I've contemplated a lot about written tutorials, so I'm focusing more on videos (but they take time to produce!). I've enjoyed our exchanges in comments as well.


Ah... I meant I'm not recently into technical articles, but into personal experiences and decision making articles.

Your articles are personal experiences, not tutorials about JavaScript or C#, which is what I really need these days, thanks again !


Thanks so much, great to hear my posts have helped :)


I should be thanking you for taking the time to read my articles. With that said, thanks for reading, sharing, etc. I really do appreciate it, and hope they helped you out in some way.


Thank you @0xrumple ! It means a lot to me to hear that my articles have helped you learn something. 🙌


@annarankin authors really interesting posts -- not just technical ones but human ones about motivation and careers. My favorite is How Art School Prepared Me for Programming. I also really liked Building a Graph in SQL Land!


Thank you Jeffrey! 😭That means a lot ☺️


As uncomfortable as I am singling people out...

I was recently impressed by @carlymho responding to threads that could easily turn into a flame war on many other platforms (looking at you, Twitter) with a particular patience and kindness.

@mudasobwa writes some fairly in-depth technical articles that I enjoy and learn a lot from. I just (selfishly) wish he'd write more about Ruby and less about Elixir.

What a great thread.


As controversial as he may be, @tux0r has really helped me think about the way I build software.

@K 👓 also has some great advice for javascript developers

@dmfay is just awesome. She's always got great stuff. I've learnt so much from her.


@ben has created such an amazing community here - I so very much appreciate the work he, @jess and the rest of the team have done to keep it welcoming and positive. Also love that he shows up in many comment threads contributing to a great convo!

I also want to shoutout to @vaidehijoshi and her beginner posts - I've been able to point a lot of people to her posts with great feedback, the way she breaks it down is amazing.


@aspittel @ben @jess @tux0r @rhymes are all great to read posts and comments from. And to engage in conversation. And just too many others to name. Really enjoying this community and the discussions.

Hoping to jump in soon with my own articles; just gotta find that elusive thing called time.

Until then I'll continue to read and comment. :)


I really enjoy reading any article from @damcosset . I find that they're always very clear, easy to understand, and laid out in a logical manner. The Blockchain series continues to be one of my all-time favorites. And now I'm enjoying the more Ruby-focused articles.


That warms my little heart. Thank you so much Peter <3


Just coming on dev.to on a daily bases has really helped widen my programming scope in a general sense, as each time I read on some of the many diverse programming-related topics posted here by other members, I feel like a senior as I read posts from seniors which are very diverse but mostly very interesting and filled with valuable information. But if there is someone here on dev.to I really admire, its @jess , for her energy and educative videos.


I really love every post @maxwell_dev makes is really easy to understand, and comes at it with the angle of how it's something he wish he had.

I also love seeing @tux0r on a specific post. It's obvious that he has a vast amount of experience he would like to share, and I appreciate his comparisons between the old vs new ways of doing things.

I love the commitment that @aspittel has to keep putting out high quality content like she does! It takes a certain level of execution and precision to do it consistently like she does, which is part of the reason I follow her - not even to mention that she's ridiculously nice and is always a high value add to any conversation :)

shout out to the whole dev team @ben @jess @peter for being super welcoming and creating such an amazing place where people can converse and collaborate on different projects, opinions and even ideas.

I feel like I've made more developer friends here than I have on any other site 💯


Thank you so much Malik -- that means a lot -- I am always checking for the top 7 podcast, it has become one of my favorite things on dev.to -- such a cool idea and you all are so positive and knowledgeable!


Im new in here and haven't been posting much but surely been reading many posts, and I often see @ben helping out or interacting with people in many posts, always trying to keep the welcoming nature of this community!
Good work🙂


Respect to

tyrw image
for posting Module Mondays and sharing and providing open-source examples of cool modules / components.

I love @raddevon posts about freelancing. His writing is excellent, and his posts are useful, relatable and very well structured.


@dimensi0n is very passionate by what he create, I had never saw a person that young that is that talentuous like him! Congrats for your first articles man 👊


@quantumsheep is a genius. I love that guy. He has a lot of knowledge.
Take a look at his last article.



@fenbf is unique C++ expert I am really looking forward to his return with more in-depth articles!


thank you! I'm doing my best :)
Currently, I'm finishing my book, but the plan is to continue writing good articles on my blog.


This is me bending the rules a little and answering the fictional question "why do you find the following users (in no particular order) worth mentioning here?"

@carlymho because this post should be part of a collection named "human first, developer second":

@jurn_w because he recently reminded me of the value of shipping and focusing on the product instead of hiding behind the technology:

@nektro because she's amazing and asks a lot of right questions on this website. She also dabbles in fantasy a little:

@progrium because he's been quietly working on something terrific these last few weeks that I'm not even sure what it is but I can't wait to try. I believe it's a way to use Go on the frontend for web applications. It takes dedication and a bit of craziness to accomplish :D

@mortoray because he teaches how to slay programming monsters and his latest post generated one of the longest discussions about the "ternary operator" I've ever seen

@brendazam because she is allowing us to witness her technical and personal growth in public and that's gold. Seriously Brenda, keep being you!

@annarankin because of posts like this one:

a perfect example of the added value of different experiences and walks of life

@michaelgv because he's a person truly interested in helping less experienced developer thrive. For example:

@bosepchuk because he asks questions a lot of people here don't and there's a lot of value in that. After all, we're all humans. My favorite post of his:

@dmfay because as much as I love relational databases I will never know as much as she does. Her culture and knowledge (beyond development) is quite evident if you stop and read what and how she writes. Chapeau! She also managed to write a "vs" post that wasn't a gimmick, it's no easy feat:

@quii because he wrote a very cool series about learning Go with tests and because with this post he made a lot of us think deeply about what we're doing:

@spang because she made email cool again (:D) and knows her stuff top to bottom. For example:

@vickylai because I love her posts and because I wished I had her will to be a digital nomad. Read this:

@kaydacode because everytime she appears it is to say something useful and precious. I guess she's has a job as a fairy somewhere in addition to being an iOS developer. Highlighted this for her:

@ice_lenor because she wrote about C++ while talking about a not so nice aspect of her career and we're all the better for it

@rdegges because he wrote my favorite rant of all time on dev.to :D:

@charlyn because even if I've only read one of her posts it was the right one and I wish I was citing it more often:

@aspittel because she's consistently increasing the value of this website. If you think about it every little thing we add to this website is collective value for us and for the future users. Only a few have the consistency she has in creating quality content. She also seem to be a great human being all around. See for yourself:

(also go offline while on dev.to and check what happens :D)

@vaidehijoshi because she created an invaluable set of CS lessons and I wish she was my teacher back at uni. For example:

@lpasqualis which I haven't seen around here for a while but whose "professional programming" posts and ensuing comments are a treasure trove. My favorite:

Last but not least:

@andy and @maestromac because, even though they might be less active on the website, they are behind the scenes with the others making sure we can argue about our favorite tech stacks everyday

@ben , @jess and @peter because with the rest of the team have created a safe space for devs allowing us to be vulnerable people between a post about a new library and a disagreement on how to do something. Especially allowing us to do all of that without feeling "less than". I also appreciate the keen ability to open posts like this one to drive the community forward. Same goes for the "best comments" and "best posts" and all the (future) tricks up your sleeves!


Aww Rhymes, this is so nice. That means a lot -- thank you so much!


I really appreciate @restoreddev for his awesome posts about PHP.

And big up to @tux0r , @rhymes & @bgadrian for being so active in comments!


Thank you!

being so active in comments

ahahah commenters in chief


Hats off to @rhymes ! 🙌I love your articles, encouraging comments and your strong involvement in the DEV community.

I really enjoyed reading this one:

Keep posting great content 💡

And it would be rude to not mention @ben ! You saw, conquered, and built a great community and have been supportive of my articles. Thanks again for allowing me to edit the #dart tag.


@nezteb looks to me like a well educated and respectful person that really wants to share his knowledge.


I learnt of this community via @aspittel so would like to thank her for spreading the word. Can see many benefits of being part of such a platform both as a teacher and a developer. So thank you!


There's too many people to say nice things about. So I'll shout out to @patricktingen , who gave me my very first comment on my very first article on Dev.to and made me feel like I did a good thing :)


This is just a generally positive thing about everyone here, Ive been here for 5 mins and Ive never felt so much support from a community before I thought I was all alone, you've just about brought me to my knees thank you..


@kaelscion writes such nicely structured and super helpful posts about Python.


@david_j_eddy is always sharing kind words, advice, and suggestions for AWS related content. It is quite awesome.


Thanks for the big-ups @kylegalbraith . Happy someone finds it useful.


@mrwesdunn left me a comment on one of my first posts

In it, he said that he was inspired to check out Clojure because of my article. Something I'd written was both helpful and inspirational to at least one person, and that has inspired me to continue to write posts about concepts, languages, and my side projects. So... thank you Wes!


Is the new s...flow haha

Great and clean UI and UX



Not sure who on the site is personally responsible, but your Twitter person/team is on point with promotion of neat articles


@joelnet because I thought I knew how to do functional programming in Javascript until I started reading his posts.


@kayis has some of the most liquid smooth explanations of tough topics and somehow posts right when i need the info! keep up the AWESOME work!


I'm trying to do more and reach more people with it :)

Thank you!


He has added so much to me and the community. Keep doing the good work sir


@dmfay offers detailed comments and direct crit. Always blows my mind!


You all are awesome, just started thinking of writing articles. Seeing all your articles inspired me to start writing. This is a great community. Thanks


@neilonsoftware for being polite and having a great attitude when discussing stuff 👍🏻.

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