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Are you looking to get down and dirty with development? Well, we’re looking for you. Inspired by Tiffany’s post about experience, I’ve spoken with the CEO at my organization and we’ve decided we’d like to onboard 10-15 developers for 3-6 month contract work to assist new developers gaining experience to assist you finding your next job.

We’re an all remote, agile team, and we spend every Friday learning about new tech and sharpening our skills!

In addition all your contributions will be open source and MIT licensed to help the community, and you’re welcome to stay on as long as you’d like!

Are you interested? Send me an email: michael@invocie.com


  • JavaScript, Node, typescript, elm
  • PHP 7.2, Go
  • rethinkdb, PostgreSQL
  • Now, Netlify, and AWS

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Full-time freelancer; Former Lead Engineer / Senior Management; speaker; 14 years in development; open for consulting and freelance opportunities.


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There’s been an overwhelming response! I’m chucking away at the over 110 applications!


I'm sure there will be a good long-tail as well. 😊


Our goal is to onboard everyone over the next little while, in batches so we don’t get overwhelmed of course.


Email is bouncing back! Am I too late to the party!? Awesome for you to help out so many people man. Much love


This is amazing. I wish I can give this post more love but it only allows one.


Whoa! Blown away by this! I bow to you sirs. Admirable. More companies in this industry should give others the opportunity to gain experience without having to pass a cryptic whiteboard puzzle.



I'm definitely interested, I've sent you an email


Is it too late to still send an email?


This is wonderful! Thank you for doing this!


Sent an email.
Great thing what you and your company are doing, and for giving the opportunity to junior developers. :)


Mike, are you guys looking to hire remote devs? Cheers,


This is fantastic! I'm interested. I will send you an email.


I'm VERY interested in this!!! I'll send you an email.


This is amazing opportunity! Wish you had something for mobile development :)


Hopefully I'm not too late!? Has your offer broke the email!? Getting a bounce back saying unable to receive?


Awesome idea! I have sent you an email for followup.


I haven't coded for a while but I'm headed back to grad school for Business Intelligence & Data Analytics and need to ramp my dev skills back up. Is this something I could do?


I will be busy for the next 3 months, is this for immediate openings?


I realize this is an older post, but I can't help but wonder if there are still openings or if there will be another round of openings? I tried to email you but the address doesn't seem to be working.


I know next to no modern web dev but surewhynot