How do *you* pronounce sudo?

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Not necessarily how it's "supposed" to be pronounced, what do you say? (in your head or aloud)

How do you pronounce sudo?

Discuss: Were you ever taught this by anyone? Have you thought about this much?

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please remove recursively and force it irreversibly


Okay, we need a shell framework for rhyming command aliases.


I pronounce it as "please" ๐Ÿค—


"Sudo ~ Pseudo" Actually it's supposed to be pronounced /soอžoโ€ฒdล/
But I pronounce it /Ssu~ Doh!-/
But I guess I would choose "soo-dough" since it's the closest...


Habitually like the US English pronunciation of 'pseudo'.

When actually explaining the command to people though, I pronounce it as three syllables, spelling out the first two letters and pronouncing the last two just like the English word 'do', because that's how it breaks down as an acronym (short for 'Switch User and DO', derived from su for 'Switch User').


I thought it was short for "Super User Do"? ๐Ÿค”


I've heard people say that, but it's pretty well established that sudo is derived from the old UNIX su command, which is definitely 'switch user'. It just happens that both have the root user as the default user to when a specific user isn't specified and that's the common case, but there's nothing that prevents you from using it to switch to any user (and by default, the root user can use sudo to do so without needing a password).


No, it's not. It's from su command "switch user". Also check the man page that says "sudo, sudoedit โ€” execute a command as another user".


I've added the following alias

alias please='sudo $(fc -ln -1)'

So now,

~$ bash ./helloworld
bash: ./helloworld: permission denied
~$ please
Hello World!



If only there were a way to change 'permission denied' to 'ask nicely'!


I can say that I've successfully wasted an hour looking to see if this was possible!


Pseudo. I always took it as being a pseudo-superuser if your user account has sudo permission. Also, the two vowels used are different so it feels more natural (to me) to use different sounds between the syllables. I heard it pronounced "pseudo" for years before I heard some random video on the internet pronounce it as "doo". I just took it as that person not knowing any better and felt bad for them. But I guess it is possible that my pronunciation has been wrong or that popular opinion can change what is "right". (Look at gif, where most of the internet disagrees with the creator of the format on pronunciation.)

The "please" meme is kinda funny, but in my mind it builds the wrong mental model of what sudo is for. It is a protection from making mistakes, a design feature to isolate user-level from system-level changes. Not courtesy. Well anyway, I guess there's nothing wrong with having fun with it as long as you know it's actual purpose.


No, it's not superuser actually. It's from su command "switch user". Also check the man page that says "sudo, sudoedit โ€” execute a command as another user". That means not necessary superuser.


You are right, the commands are named for "switch user" not "super user". However, I still think of it as pseudo superuser because that is the default user that you switch to with su or sudo and is the way I use it 99% of the time. And "psuedo" also resonates really well with sudo because you aren't fully switching to the other user to execute the command like you do with su. (Still shows up in original user's command history, etc.)


I use soo-doo because it is the compilation of the phonetics from the command's unabbreviated form:

superuser do


Non-native speaker here, asking just out of curiosity: if phonetic (assuming English) why isnโ€™t that syou-doo ?๐Ÿ™ˆ


You're totally right. It should be:

superuser do

I just looked it up and "superuser" is one word. I'll correct my original post.

Also, as a native English speaker, I'm sorry the language is so weird.

Totally that is what we day โ€syou-doโ€ because it's superuser do.


No, it's not superuser do. It's from su command "switch user". Also check the man page that says "sudo, sudoedit โ€” execute a command as another user".


Depends on the context. I pronounce it su-dont if followed by rm -rf


I very often slip and type (and pronounce) sudo as sagi.

It's because I aliased sudo apt-get install to sagi and it's my most used Linux command.


How about man pages are required to also include the intended pronunciation including IPA key? That would be fun :)

This would also settle stuff like "awk", "chroot", or "nginx"...


I normally pronounce it "sudoh".
But as I was reading this poll, somehow in my mind I pronounced it funny in a Japanese way like "suuuuzdooo" (imagine a Japanese anime voice) ๐Ÿคฃ


I've tried to "correct" myself and start saying "soo-doo", but I keep doing back to the dough. I think it's because of the Simpsons influence ("duh-oh! Soo dough bang bang'), or maybe because dough rhymes with go.


I always pronounced it as "soo-dough".. until I realized "soo-doo" is more appropriate as it conveys "do as a super user". I am surprised soo-dough scored so much higher!


Was this posted, previously, as a different type of post? Could swear I'd already commented on a similar post a week or so ago.

I wonder how many people intentionally butcher the pronunciation of something just to mess with people (or otherwise to see how many people they can convince, "no, this is the right way,").


In our country everybody pronounces sudo like judo :)
It is funny for everybody else, but it is how it is here :)


In hungarian language "s" is pronounced as "sh" (and "sz" is "s"), so I say it like "shudo" :D


as I think that sudo is a abreviation from Super User Do I read as normal Do


Am I the only one that didn't know there was another way to pronounce this? I feel a bit silly ๐Ÿ˜…


I imagine I was taught by my first CS professor and she had a VERY strong accent. It took me far too long to realize "struct trees" were actually "structures". ๐Ÿ˜‚


This is like 'gif' vs 'jif'. I know it stands for super-user-do but here, the "right" answer is wrong.




Phonetically it's [suหˆdo]
Accidentally, "sudo" in Italian means "I sweat". Puns usually ensue.


The same as pseudo
Dough drags it out too long. But it's that sound.


Like the amaracan colour to color, in programming we all need to stick to conventions regardless of correctness. Besides soo-doo is almost a pokomon woo-doo


I have always said su-do as in "Super User, Do x)


In 1985 I used to wear suits like this, dance around, and this is how I used to pronounced it then. ;)


Just follows naturally from my language's pronunciation of vowels


Like sumo (well, with the d instead of the m, needless to say...)

My first language is French, which may impact how I pronounce "non words" like that one...


I pronounce it like almost the same pronunciation for pseudo.


"Sooo-dough" ... never thought about it, it just seems the natural way to pronounce it if you see it as "just" a word without any connotation to "su" or "do".


Very well, that's a good question. I usually use the Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation, so I think it's more like "soo-dough"

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