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Rebuilt my portfolio site couple of weeks ago, and i'm tinkering with Github Actions + Gatsbyjs.

And also just created this

yeah! lot of things going on. ❀️



Great stuff m8! Very inspiring. Loved those subtle parallax effects.


Dude, your portfolio is the best portfolio site I've ever seen!! Awesome job, keep it up!


Working on rebuilding my portfolio! Trying to improve performance and UI and code structure and everything tbh, in the new one I am challenging myself by trying to load it under 2s! So far I am able to load it in 1.6 seconds though I am yet to put some content in it :D. I will post about it here once I am done.

Here's a small preview:
Screenshot of upcoming https://saurabhdaware.in landing page


Work on it! You'll be able to do it! That color scheme looks amazing!


Building a stack to store firewood. Does that count? Off to Home Depot!


Trying out React Native for the first time trying to build myself an anxiety-free (or low anxiety) todo app. We'll see how that goes - both in terms of my low anxiety goal and my trying to learn RN goal πŸ˜…πŸ€ž


Why React Native? I ask, out of curiosity, not judgment :)


I'm working on my tutorial series on building a text editor, part one is out. Feels really good



I've been stalling on redesigning my web site for several years now. The first task is to completely rewrite the back end (was in PHP/MySQL, now ASP.NET Core/EF Core/SQL Server).

I'm currently looking at front-end frameworks to develop the administration front-end (I need that before I even think of redesign the public-facing web site). I looked at Blazor last night and it seems to need a little more work (either that or I'm dumb, which is a possibility I'm willing to entertain). Today I'm looking at Vue.js. I've done a little bit of React at work, but that was months ago and I don't remember most, if any of it.

I actually came to DEV right now to look at a few posts about Vue.js and see what people think/do. I tried a Vue.js project in VS 2019 Community Edition (we use VS 2019 Enterprise at work, in case anyone is wondering why VS) and the experience has been underwhelming when it comes to running the project, so I'm kind of open to alternatives.

I might actually post a discussion about this later today.

So yeah, that's the project. And cleaning my place. :)


I am developing an open-source nodejs api boilerplate & reactjs boilerplate software from the past few months for our developer community :).

Repo Link - github.com/maitraysuthar/rest-api-...
All Features - ko-fi.com/post/A-ready-to-use-boil...


I'm starting to poke around in SpiderMonkey's code! I'd like to start contributing to JS engines soon, maybe by early next year (New Year's resolution maybe?), and this talk by Yulia Startsev really inspired me to actually start reading through and understanding the code! Her talk is a great starting point and made me realize that I can actually understand more than I thought I could. You can find a recording here.


Working on a project for monitoring and collecting logs from sites that I've developed through work.

No links atm, but I'm building it using .NET Core 3.1 (API project and a Worker Service) and an angular 8 project for the UI. I might switch that to a Blazor app instead, just to try it out.


I'm working on some new blog posts for my homepage and at my side project deliciously.cooking. :D


I had some idea to make updates do my website home page. It's time to move from bootstrap, change my title and add some personality.


I'm giving bulma.io a try. I revamped the landing page today and it was very easy to work with.

Sweet! May give bulma a go on my next project.


I started a project to translate a style guide from our design team into a tailwind config.

I thought it would be fun to then build a vue.js app that parses the tailwind.config.js and renders a live style guide from the config.

Front end code that aligns exactly to the design style guide 😱😎



Working on an idea for JS and TS devs to enjoy elm architecture without all the fuss of redux, and using another rendering tool (lit-html) instead of react.

Kinda toying with being framework agnostic but right now got a commit in progress that's working on expanding the update function to allow for promises and to specify a next message,in addition to the main run function returning a promise of a dispatcher for initialization messages.

I'm calling it lit-tea, combining that lit-html library and the elm architecture (TEA).



I'm working on a freelance project! First one, it's going pretty good!


Nope. Code free weekend with family enjoying time with my grandson.

Monday... Deploying Sinatra app to Heroku and work on 0Auth.

2 articles planned next week.


Building the Curious Messenger web app with Elixir and Phoenix Live View by following a series of blog posts, and today I completed part 2.

Curious Messenger

For the curious Phoenix Live View is a package for the Phoenix Framework, that lets you do a lot of the usual Javascript work in the server side, but in Elixir, and this is done in a very efficient, fast and scalable way.


Actually, my main project is mostly a week-end project, as I still have my day job.

If you are interested in a vertically integrated low footprint application server, you may be interested by Open Lowcode ( openlowcode.com/ )


Currently putting the finishing touches to a cross microservice request tracing middleware library for ASP.NET core.

There's probably tonnes of stuff already out there, but sometimes specific scenarios are better solved with custom libraries.



I'm building a wikipedia search and output it to csv. Learning typescript on the way!



My weekend project is trying to figure out how I can use the macOS emoji keyboard in Firefox..

That drives me nuts.

(Would add some angry emojis here, BUT HOW?!?!)


Working on the developer focused job board: swissdevjobs.ch (as the name says with companies from Switzerland)

Finished also a self-serve app for companies to create and publish the job postings.


Working through Frontend Masters Gatsby course do far. Great content, will build my own blog out of this over the weekend 😁


Keeping hard on my already long Flask series!! Will help my dad with some programming more like numerical computing with Python and deployment on heroku!


This weekend I am working on adding more editor layouts in JSitor ☺️


I Will be working on a Laraval package for management of roles, permissions and dynamic menu building.
Just trying to make the life of a backend developer a bit easy.

Here is the link, if you are curious enough to have a look.


Building out a Spotify Clone using bootstrap 4 and JS.

Also taking courses on Terraform and Ansible so I can get a better feel for DevOps tech.

Lot's going on 🀠


I want to improve performance and maybe add some features to migrator my last project, that should help people create file based database migrations. Do you have anything going on?


This past weekend I started the Applitools Hackathon for November. Its an interesting way to get folks to try their Visual UI validation platform. I haven't used Applitools in over 5 years. I was interested to see how far the tool set has come along. Plus, a chance to win some prize money isn't that bad of a motivator.

Applitools Hackathon



Hackathon Prizes


I've been working on:

  • templates: A list of templates to use as part of your product/business development
  • Discover: A recommendation engine for developers. Currently sends out a weekly newsletter with recommendations from your GitHub network. WIP.
  • Something that has been on my mind for quite a while now and still working on a prototype. I want to set up a simple web app that iterates through news headlines and maybe tweets from selected accounts, etc. The purpose will be to set up a big screen inside my living room that will be constantly showing that web app.

Feel free to contribute to the above in any way you want. Contact me for more information, I am always looking out for friendly connections. :)


I’m working on a note taking app. Nothing to share publicly just yet, but I’ve got a working prototype in Gatsby. I’ll open it up once I dog-food a bit more to iron out the kinks.


Gonna review and publish a blog, sitting in my draft for a week now πŸ˜…

Also need to create an launcher icon for the Android game app I’m going to publish soon.


For me, I'm messing around with some watercolors. I tend to avoid coding on the weekends nowadays. Gotta take breaks every now and again!


I have to complete some contributions on GitHub that I have pending and plan for next week at work.


Implementing a copy of dev.to, my starter react project! #learnReact


I rebuilt my whole website drunk last month and FORGOT to showcase my projects. I am planning to fix that tonight but I'M sure ill just complete bojack horseman tonight.


Learning as much as I can about proper implementation of design patterns ^ I've found them quite useful lately and I want to nail them down as much as I can!


Going to swim on Saturday and Sunday also, to relax my mind :)
Just wrote an article to be published next week. No serious work :).


I've recently started my new pet project where I want to create portal about new subscription service Apple Arcade.
I choose the new stack for myself MERN + GQL.
So I'm learning a lot!


Preparing for the community event where I am going to sing a song.


No code today but we started installing a fence for our dogs: posts today, fencing tomorrow.



Yup. Building a wargaming website with my little brother. Pretty fun so far!


A web app that imports my workouts Excel sheet so I'll be able to query it better and get some insights about my progress.


Starting the redesign of my site Gogorichie.com using Hugo..... its time for the blog to come back!

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