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Magento development

Magento creates personalized high-quality products for every client, which is one of the main integral parts of delivering a great shopping experience to the visitors of your online store. It is essential for an online store in any field, which makes Magento a perfect tool for a merchant working with any kind of products or services.

Magento for the fashion industry

After the overall detailed research of your brand, the Magento team will gladly assist you in creating an online store, which will fully reflect the uniqueness and originality of your brand. Whatever your needs are, Magento is aware that sustainable development and success in commerce are always fueled by serving the needs of the customer. With the help of the platform, you will be able to reach new horizons, expand geographies, delight your customers, selling both to businesses, and individuals and consequently boost the profits.

Whenever and however your customers prefer to shop, Magento will create an ideal flexible online platform developed specifically to meet their demands. Thanks for the customized mobile app, your customers will be able to shop anywhere on any device. The personal approach allows you to segment the customers according to the separate interest groups in order to deliver personalized offers and create these offers based on demographics, location, and the history of purchases.

Use of a website running by Magento for your fashion ecommerce store will provide you with an opportunity to offer targeted buying options including ‘shop-the-look’ and ‘complete-the-look’. Sophisticated sales algorithms will be created for efficient up-sell and cross-sell recommendations. In the system you are engaged into the content developing, you can create and test out custom landing pages, make the sets of looks always available for the customers, insert any images or videos, and special offer promotions.

Magento for the foodstuffs industry

The predicted growth in online food and beverages sales is already taking place in the modern world and this industry goes towards commerce revolution with huge steps. The current boom in local cuisines and specialties mixed with an overall desire to avoid queues, by all means, makes the progressive growth of the business in the food industry impossible without ecommerce.

Luckily, Magento has all the ingredients that you need in order to create a successful user-friendly online store. Magento design option offers built-in themes with mobile-responsive designs and social media integration to engage with your customers, regardless of the type of device they use. The Magento platform will allow you to easily segment consumers according to their favorite cuisines, personal profiles, occasions, and other preferences.

Ecommerce is the key to fast delivery and selling of perishable foodstuffs. The Magento platform can be used in order to manage the process of food and beverage order inventory and logistics across multiple systems.

Magento specifically designs the platform according to your unique business systems, including ERP, PIM, POS, OMS, CRM, and CMS solutions using efficient web APIs. Its flexible framework can help you efficiently operate it.

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I love Magento for such benefits:
It's SEOfriendly. SEO advanced support enables products rank on all popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo and more. Magento creates title tags automatically as well as lets you to create them manually. It also prevents you from content duplication, by adding canonical tag, which links your duplicate content. To prioritize categories, products and pages, you can use a sitemap.
Gives Hosting freedom. Unlike Shopify which has several restrictions regarding hosting solutions, with Magento you can use any type of hosting options for online stores.
You can choose between: hosting provider, the model, the package, anything that fits your business needs. Moreover, if someday you decide to migrate to another hosting provider, you can easily move to a cozy corner you like. This option is not available for all eCommerce platforms on the market.
Enables Third-party integration. Magento provides many third-party extensions for various needs such as payment gateway, comments plugin, analytics tool etc. This flexibility lets you easily upgrade services through the extensions. Check our services here

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DinarysGmbH • Edited

Thanks for sharing!
Indeed, Magento was a breakthrough in e-commerce, especially the cool trick was the release of the version using artificial intelligence, which allows you to provide the necessary products based on customer preferences. Also, a huge number of integrations and modules allow this platform to be at its best. More about the new platform on the link