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Magento Development

To date, it is next to impossible to do business in ecommerce without being aware of what Magento is. It is an open-source self-hosted ecommerce platform. Released accessible to the public for the first time in 2008, Magento came a long way up to become one of the most comprehensive ecommerce solutions.

In 2015, long-awaited Magento 2 was released beating a path to the future of ecommerce. Improving all the Magento 1 benefits and fixing its limitations, Magento 2 has established new level ecommerce software standards. Magento team specifically invested much effort in improving user experience since it is one of the most significant variables for any website. Certain amendments also concern admin experience, including touch-friendly navigation, and customizable data grids.

Another improvement is a new Magento Marketplace. The huge role of third-party extensions for most of the Magento-based websites is an accepted fact. Since different developers take part in extension creation, some of them can be incompatible and cause errors if installed. Magento Marketplace establishes a new review process. It means that all the extensions will go through additional tests to ensure that their performance and functionality leave no doubts.

By and large, the right platform is your main tool for designing and growing a successful ecommerce website. Since Magento deployment and maintenance require specific developer skills, there are multiple third-party companies deliver Magento development services. Your main goal here is to make sure you place your website in the right hands.

BelVG is one of the leading companies in this field. For over 10+ years, the company has been working on hundreds of ecommerce projects on the European and North American markets. See for yourself that one-size-fits-all way is not for BelVG. Personalized approach to every customer is our core strategy ingredient.

The BelVG team will set up your website to run flawlessly and provide you with any support necessary. At BelVG professional growth is at the forefront here. All our leading developers are Magento and Zend certified engineers. More than 20+ team members are Magento Certified Developers, 10+ developers have Zend Certified PHP Certification, and 10+ BelVG team members have PrestaShop certificates.

The door to the real Magento extension capabilities opens up with the help of different module and template integrations. They will make your website easy-to-use and feel like home to your customers, providing an exceptional user experience.

Being aware of the ecommerce competition level, BelVG knows that outstanding functionality is not enough to stand out among the competitors. The unique design is no less important. Our Magento designers will gladly help you out in further website customization. Their deep understanding of the modern website design trends will ensure visual satisfaction from your website pages. Do not limit your Magento design with simple black and white, add new colors to boost your sales.

BelVG will make sure you receive a website precisely matching with your ideas. We communicate with our clients building a transparent relationship based on treating our customers as family members. With our company, you will realize that we share a mutual vision and hold to the same values.

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