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Belhassen Chelbi
Belhassen Chelbi

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Does Product/UX design interest you?

I generally talk about Product/UX design but I'm not sure if is the right platform(I know what is it about 😅 ) So if you have any interest let me know.


  • How to make your website more usable?
  • How to strategize about a product (the basics, nothing too complicated)
  • How to create a successful marketing landing page?
  • Tools to help you design and plan (pre-coding) ?
  • etc ..

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Johnny Meza

I'm interested! There's no bootcamps for this kind of stuff and combining those skills plus dev is a power combo.

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Belhassen Chelbi

Thanks Johnny, it is indeed a huge boost since it changes our perspective of "developing" products. I'll give it a shot here.