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How to increase your product page conversion rate [20+ examples]

Most of the product pages out there are composed of a product title, price, description, an “Add to cart” button, some photos, and if lucky we may find some testimonials.

I’ll show you 20+ examples of how you can try to optimize your product page to increase conversion revenue. And most importantly, you’ll learn the concepts behind them.

1. Elevate the offer

Biotrust are elevating their offer by offering the product and giving 2 ebooks with a $50 value, as they claim, for free. The goal here isn’t to throw as much free stuff as possible. The goal is to make the offer more compelling by offering other valuable complementary products.

2. Connect with your audience

People love connecting with other people, especially in a (sometimes) dry E-commerce world. If you’re the creator/inventor of the product, try telling your story. does this for every product:

  1. They add a picture of the creator

  2. They tell the story using the words of the creator in the product description

Or you can tell a story through a video as the founder of the brand, just like the Fit Father Project’s founder Dr. Anthony Balduzzi did. His emotional story is about how his father’s early death inspired him to make it his life mission to save 40 men+ by creating his program that helps them become healthier and live longer.

3. Offer a REAL guarantee

Some brands offer a 30-day guarantee and communicate it with their customers as a badge. That’s good.

But what Infinity Hoop did is beyond that:

  • They branded the guarantee as “the infinity promise”. Which meant it’s important for them.

  • With my help, we wrote copy that explains this in detail.

  • We gave it a relatively high place on the page to put more emphasis on it as it was very important for the buying decision.

4. Show your shipping info as a timeline

Based on Goodui, Etsy has tested their shipping info as a timeline and they implemented it. I think the reason for this is that a timeline creates a clearer vision in the customer’s head making them imagine the product coming and thus encouraging the buying action.

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5. Show and tell your customer stories

People like to see proof that your product works. Testimonials are good and there are many ways you can use them. A great way to use social proof is to combine testimonials with photos/videos from your customer.

6. Stand for something! Show It!

If your, product helps a certain cause, talk about it.

7. Replace your variant dropdown picker with photos

This is a great way to offer a super UX (User Experience) to your customers. instead of making users go through a dropdown with variants as text (Green, Yellow, etc). You can show them the variants and make them interact with them, see the product and pick whatever they want. It makes it easier to browse them and requires much less mental energy.

8. Offer a payment plan

This generally applies to a product with a relatively high price, but I’ve definitely seen it for $20 products too. Product plans lighten the strain and therefore ease the buying decision.

You can do this easily with Integrations that make it super easy to get payment plans set up. Afterpay for example is a good tool that makes it easy to set up payment plans. There are other good alternatives too. Try offering this for a while and see if it has an impact on your revenue.

9. Scannable benefits with icons for visual customers

Based on nngroup, 79% of users scan your website. So to optimize your website for the majority of users, it’s helpful to create visual icons, each accompanied by a couple of words to communicate your product benefits.

10. Incentivize them to buy more with attainable rewards

The incentive here is free shipping. The price you need to pay is just another case of drinks.

And this is a great incentive because the reward is:

  • (Relatively) Easy to get: You don’t need to buy a bunch of stuff

  • Specific: Instead of saying Free shipping for $70+, they saved us the calculation. Just buy a second one and you’ll get free shipping.

11. Answer their questions and objections

This section is where you answer people’s questions and treat their objections. It could be an FAQ or this could actually be in different formats across the page. What’s important is that you understand their objections or any ambiguities they have in mind and treat them effectively.

12. Summarize your product in a few words

This is not a slogan. But if you can summarize your product in a few words in a way that makes it unique, try it. For Supply, 6 words “No cuts, No nicks, no learning” say a lot more than a competitor who’s rambling about irrelevant features. Not only that, but It cuts to the point very early in the user journey.

Note that this is NOT a replacement for a product description.

13. You’re safe

Security badges are the oldest ‘trick’ in the book. However, they still can play the role of reassurance not only for conscious analysis but on the subconscious level.

14. Upsell

While optimizing the conversion rate is a great objective, the ultimate one is to increase revenue. If your product could use this concept, try upselling either more of the same product or a better version of the same product.

To incentivize people to buy more:

  1. Create a significant discount and highlight it

  2. Offer multiple options and recommend one.

14. Specific Number-Based Benefits

If your product has **measurable **impacts, use and highlight it across your product page.


Your product page is the most impactful page on the buying decision. While you can use different ideas to optimize it, you need to seek deep knowledge.

You can combine multiple ideas and get inspired to try new ones based on the concepts behind these ideas.

If you like this, I’m pretty hopeful that you’re going to like the micro lessons I write for my deep camp newsletter. Consider joining my tribe 🙏

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